May 12, 2011

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in #32 Lilium

yes, Chanel got me. i bought the eyeshadow quad from this year's summer look, #032 Lilium. i am still mad at them for charging 46.95€ for only 1.2g of product - so each pan contains only 0.3g!!! i totally ignored the palette when i looked at the many product pics and reviews, but test-swatching it in store, i instantly fell in love with the shimmery green and the fantastic taupe shade. so when i came home i ordered it off with a 5€-off coupon (131DEDN).
i also used some other codes to get some GWP's:

  • AN523N - set of Anny nail polish (full size) plus a bracelet of crystal beads.
  • BVM232 - Bulgari Aqua Marine pour Homme shower gel (30ml) - it smells divine! i love such fresh scents.
  • BHP456 - Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Neutralizer moisturiser (i don't mind using moisturisers for men - as long as it doesn't grow me a beard ;))
  • HEP235 - Hercut Ponytail Styler  (2x30ml)
the Lilium palette comes in the typical velvet pouch. the packaging is a classic. a bit bulky for the tiny amount, though. it contains two small applicators, which are totally useless to me, and a full size mirror.
in europe, the eyeshadow quads come with baked mineral shadows in round shape while they are pressed in the u.s.-version in square pans. i heard that the pressed shadows have a better quality, are smoother and have better pigmentation - but i haven't had the chance to try it yet.
the palette comes with following shades:
  • a cream with peachy pink hues with pink sheen and pearly white shimmer, it has a fine texture and the shimmer is not too obvious. it's great as inner corner highlight and has a definite but subtle brightening effect. the shimmer is fine enough to be used as brow bone highlight. it's quite sheer but also a bit powdery.
  • a dark forest green with blueish-green shimmer. a beautiful deep shade, great for a green smokey eye. it has a rich pigmentation and a nice texture for a baked shadow.
  • a greyish taupe with white, pink and green shimmer and gold mircroglitter. a beautiful and versatile colour i like to use all over the lid or in combination with the forest green to make it more wearable. it has the most beautiful shimmer in sunlight but is a subtle pearly taupe in the shadow. it has a dry and powdery texture, i wished it was a bit smoother.
  • a light lime green that borders pastel. it's sheer and a bit powdery. it's nice in combination with the forest green shade but i have only combined it like that yet.
all shades have a nice longevity on my oily lids. in this warm weather i get about 10 hours of completely crease-free wear with them if i use a good eyelid primer. they blend out well without noticeable fall out.
i have the feeling that Chanel has improved the pigmentation in their eyeshadow palettes over the years, but not the texture. when i use my "old" palettes, i feel they have a much finer texture and finish and often also a unique shimmer effect while i miss this in most palettes that got released over the past few years.
still i like the Lilium quad, it makes me wearing more green which looks quite flattering on me but is a look i do too rarely. i have heard that this palette comes to stay and is not limited edition, i'm not very sure about it though.
buy the quad if you like the colours, not if you want a quality eyeshadow and not if you want to have an everyday-product - cause this won't last you long.

some looks with it:
taupe on the lid up to the crease, light pinky white in the inner corners and on brow bones. Rose Platine eyeliner on the lower lash line.

lime green in inner corner+inner third of the lid, forest green on outer parts. Rose Platine on lower lashline mixed with some forest green eyeshadow.

comparison to other shadows:
top: MAC Once Upon A Time (middle shade in upper row of 6 Dashing Lassies palette) - bottom left: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Nymphéa (cream shade) - bottom right: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Lilium (cream shade)
Chanel Lilium - MAC Once Upon A Time - Chanel Nymphéa

MAC Humid - Chanel Lilium palette (forest green)
Chanel Lilium - MAC Humid

left: Chanel Nymphéa palette (pastel green shade) - top: MAC Sweet&Punchy - right: Chanel Lilium (lime green)
Chanel Lilium - MAC Sweet&Punchy - Chanel Nymphéa

top: MAC Magical Mist (right upper corner in 6 Dashing Lassies palette) - Chanel Lilium Quad (taupe shade) 
bottom: Chanel Safari - MAC Smoke&Diamonds - Hourglass Suede Duo (darker shade)
MAC Magical Mist - Chanel Lilium - Chanel Safari - MAC Smoke&Diamonds - Hourglass Suede

i found 2 "almost-dupes":
- the green in Chanel Nymphéa quad looks similar to the light green in this palette, but is more sheer and frosty and has a better texture
- the taupe in Hourglass Suede duo has the same cool tone and gold microglitter in it. Hourglass definitely is superior in texture but lacks the tiny pink and green shimmer of Chanel.


  1. Das dunkle Grün aus dem Quad finde ich toll, schade dass es das nicht einzeln gibt :). Du hast auch den 530 Anny Lack bekommen oder?

  2. I have this quad and bought it when it first came to the States. I love it and was really impressed with the Chanel Summer collection. You still have me thinking about Morning Rose vernis. Hmmm......

  3. this is such a pretty quad. :) the colors are gorgeous!

  4. Hallo :) Sehr schöne Palette, aber ich wollte fragen wie du die ganzen Rabattcodes gleichzeitig eingelöst hast? Bei mir klappt's nicht :(
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Very pretty colours. I am still thinking about purchasing this palette, but it is really pricey for what you get. Well, I guess I will eventually pamper myself :)

  6. @femme: also bei mir lassen sich alle codes eingeben. nur die 5€ & 10%-codes lassen sich nicht kombinieren oder mehrfach eingeben. du musst einfach jeden einzeln eingeben.

    @yarisse: yes, the price/amount relation is very very very bad with chanel and makes it much more expensive than the most brands out there. i can't understand their policy on that. still, these are beautiful shades.


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