Dec 3, 2011

what i loved in november.

this was such a great month for me makeup-wise! i enjoyed a lot of new luxury but also great drugstore make up and indulged myself in many super luxurious brushes.
my skin went through a horrible phase this month because i tried facial hair removal and ended up with tiny bumps all over my cheeks, but it's smooth again now thanks to diligent and gentle skin care, only the dark marks still need to fade completely. i swear i will never try it again!
as a compensation my lashes were extra nice and i had many good hair days thanks to my curling gadgets!

face care:

1 - Vichy Purété Thermale 3in1 Micellar Fluid is still my holy grail cleansing fluid. i use it as a last-step-cleanse and toner in one. it's thorough and mild. it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and since i use it, my skin is much more calm and fresh. 15€

2 - Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant (review) great scrub, i love how smooth and conditioned my skin feels after using this! ~40-50€

3 - Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask this month i've really appreciated hydrating face masks. they make the skin feel so fresh and lush despite the dry air in heated rooms. this 30ml travel size i have several times at home since it was a GWP at it's really nice! it does its job very well, in the morning i wake up with a soft, calm and plump skin.

4 - Sisley Express Flower Gel is another hydrating mask, but a 3-minute one. it's very lovely, hydrates my skin intensely in such a short time. i often do this before i go out but didn't have time for the whole special-day-facial-routine and it's still enough to make my skin appear healthy and bright.
this mini-size was in a GWP box with Sisley skincare

5 - Paula's Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum (review) i still don't love it for the siliconey texture, but it just works magically. it really must be super antioxidant. i swear by this when i feel an aching bump starting to flourish from the depths of my skin, i just apply this overnight and in the next morning, the bump is barely noticeable while normally it would have developed to a nasty cystic pimple. after two nights it would be gone. ~27€

6 - Clarins Vital Light Serum this is a dark spot correcting anti aging serum. i've got my hands on a bunch of Clarins Vital Light cream & serum samples and this is already my second travel size (10ml) of it. i haven't noticed many dark spot correction benefits from this over the last month, but although it's heavily scented, it really calmed my skin and made it become more healthy and resistant while keeping its softness.

7 - RapidLash i feel like my lashes got extra nice during the last month. they are now even noticeably longer, denser and healthier than during my first two months using RapidLash. but could also be that i ran out of waterproof mascara and am using up my normal, non-waterproof ones the last weeks ;) ~30€

other cosmetic randomness:

1 - Biotherm Beurre Corporel i was lucky to be sent this body butter when i was in need for a more nourishing cream for the winter time. me and my son were using it over the last weeks and we both give it a thumbs up :) it softens and nourishes the skin effectively and makes it feel velvety and warm but is not too heavy. i wish it had a warmer scent, too, but it smells weirdly lively of citrus scents.

2 - Tigi Bed Head Small Talk my good old styling creme. i use it to scrunch my curls whenever i do them for some years now but since i only style my hair occasionally and don't need much, it lasts and lasts. the last few weeks i was a curly head all the time so it could again show off its qualities. this cream defines my curls softly, makes them stay bouncy and lay nicely. i love the fruity scent! ~14€

3 - got2be Powderful Volume Styling Powder or any other generic root volume powder: makes your hair feel awfully rubbery texturized, but it works and keeps the volume over a few hours. i wish the effect would last longer, but it's still much more effective than any volume spray i've tried and a relief for someone with such thin and sparse hair like me. don't know why i haven't included it in my favourites yet although i liked it for a few months now, but the last weeks it got used more often for the curly hair look. ~5€

4 - hair curling tools (review) i love these! best find in a long time! sooo cheap (about 3€ for a whole set, free shipping) and it really works! it's quick and easy to use and gives me the lasting curls i always wanted without the damaging effects of heat. ~6€

5 - Biotherm & Vanessa Bruno L'Eau body spray this is also an item that i got sent, and i like it! a pure and airy wearable scent that is subtle and light. it's easy to wear on an everyday basis, i feel comfortable with it although i'm not much of a perfume person. surely this is not a special, sexy perfume at all but it's just a pleasant body scent that is not overpowering your presence.

6 - False Eyelashes this month was my month of false lashes! i first disliked them until i tried out a special method to apply them and since then i really love their natural and flattering effect! you must try to apply them the way i showed in this post if you were always hesitant because of the obvious look of falsies.

face make up:

1 - Giorgio Armani Master Corrector #2 (review) one word: great. many words: surprisingly great. it really works. ~30€

2 - Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Foundation in #1 Ivory (review) i love how beautiful and easy this foundation is applied with the fingers! it has a nice coverage and finish and it lasts all day! ~83€

3 - Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation - a new one, a new love. it will be reviewed soon. ~50€

4 - Giorgio Armani MicroFil Loose Powder - last month i still thought it wasn't anything special, but now i quite like it. it will be reviewed soon. ~40€

5 - NARS The Multiple Bronzer in Cap Vert (review) i had it in my blog sale because i didn't need a second cream bronzer next to my Chanel Bronze Universel, but no one wanted it and then it picked my interest again when i watched a yt-video. since then i've used it again many times and fell back in love with it! it applies so nicely as a warm contour shade and lasts all day. 41€

6 - SUQQU Face Brush i won't say more at this moment. you see, it's in my favourites. i will review it soon. ~200€

7 - Le Métier de Beauté Blush Brush (review) i love this brush to apply my foundation with! as i have noticed right after receiving it, the flat dome shape is ideal to blend in creamy liquid foundations softly. it's my favourite tool to apply the Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation. if you have this brush, i strongly suggest you to try it with liquid foundation also. it doesn't shed like MAC's shameful 109 and is a lot softer. ~40€

8 - Sigma F84 Angled Synthetic Kabuki (review) best tool to apply the NARS The Multiple Bronzer as a contour. it applies the cream-to-powder bronzer evenly without disturbing my foundation layer underneath. it also delivers an even result when i use it over powdered skin. ~10€

 cheeks & lips:

i didn't have many cheek-faves over the last month, i wore a different blush almost every day so there was not much time to develop a preference ;)

1 & 2 - Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tints in Poppy/Coquelicot and Ginger Lily (overview) cream blushes, will be reviewed in the near future. ~20€ each

3 - Hakuhodo B505BkSL Blush Brush M round and flat how can i not love this? it's from my latest Hakuhodo-order and will be reviewed soon in another brush-weekend! ~65€

4 - Hakuhodo G5519BkSL Blush Brush (review) one of the best. it's ultra soft but so dense, a blue squirrel hair brush that can handle all kinds of blushes. ~100€

5 - SUQQU Cheek Brush will be reviewed soon! ~100€

6 - Hakuhodo G5552 (review) great duo fibre brush, my favourite for all kinds of cream blushes as this blends them right with the application. ~30€

7 & 8 - SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipsticks in 06 Umegasumi and 12 Hiwada will be reviewed soon! ~30€ each

 brows & eyeliner:

1 -  Essence Gel Eyeliner in I Love NYC (review) a gorgeous color, and so affordable! i love it with Catrice's C'mon Chameleon, my most worn look in the last month! ~3€

2 - K-Palette 1-Day-Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner (review) amazing eyeliner, draws extremely crisp and precise lines which last all day on my oily lids without smudging or the stamp-effect. ~10€

3 - K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow in 02 Greyish Brown is also on my "to-review" list. ~10€

4 - MAC Omega Eyeshadow is my new brow powder, i wanted something lighter than Copperplate which i've used before. will upload a review/comparison soon. 17€

5 - Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara got few samples of this during a promotion on, and i actually like it! it lengthens well and makes my lashes look thick and healthy.

6 - Hakuhodo K005 - i use it for tightlining and lining the upper waterline. review follows soon. ~10€

7 - MAC 231 Brush in fact it's the same like the Hakuhodo K005, but with synthetic bristles. i use it for tightlining, gel eyeliner and also as a lip brush. 20€

8 - Louise Young LY30 Brow Brush my favourite brush to apply brow powder. it's not too dense but has a good resilience and fine edge. ~10€


 1 - Guerlain #93, Rue de Passy Palette (review) my favourite palette for natural/neutral eyeshadow looks of the moment. it's warm and soft. 72€

2 - Catrice C'Mon Chameleon (review) i love this eyeshadow. it has such a pretty green/teal duochrome and the base colour is not too reddish like MAC's Club. plus, the texture is nicer than the MAC version. ~3€

3 - Catrice Heidi Plum (review) a beautiful pink/purple. ~3€

4 - Giorgo Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow #1 (review) finally mine. i love these! they are one of the best choices when it comes to shimmery/metallic eyeshadows and last perfectly. ~30€

5 - MAC 242 my favourite lay down brush ever. applies so intensely and precise. 27€

6 - Tom Ford Eyeshadow Brush will review it soon. ~40€

7 - SUQQU Eyeshadow Brush L review coming soon. ~55€

8 - Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush (review) my HG blending brush. ~37€

9 - Tom Ford Crease Brush will be featured in my next brush weekend. ~40€

10 - SUQQU Eyeshadow Brush M review soon to come as well. ~55€

my nails were quite bright and colourful this month, i just really felt parakeet-y ;)

1 - OPI In My Back Pocket bright orange creme. ~8€

2 - P2 Artful this is a frankenpolish, i added some blue to the initially bright turquoise green for a stronger turquoise tinge. i think the base colour is discontinued, though. ~2€

3 - Chanel Peridot (review) i absolutely loved this glistening, metallic polychrome the last month! initially i wasn't too sure about how it looks on my finger nails, but i was wearing it non-stop the last weeks, especially when it flashes more bronzey/golden. 22€

4 - P2 Pink It Up! a super bright berry pink creme. ~2€

i think that's it for this month. oh, i have to include my ugg boots. this is the ideal weather to go barefoot in the fleecy lambskin. so warm and snugly! great to bring the child in the mornings or go grocery-shopping.

what were your faves? i hope you'll have a low-stress pre-christmas time. my december will be quite relaxed as christmas isn't a big thing in our culture and in my family. just for the kids and a little bit of gifting, but this way i can enjoy the christmas atmosphere on the streets and markets even more. plus, there'll be some nice parties and birthdays to celebrate :)

don't forget my giveaways, though! i'm hosting a big blog-birthday giveaway and participate in a collab advent calendar which you shouldn't miss! my window will open Dec 18th ;) find both giveaway-links in the sidebar.

disclaimer: Biotherm products in this post were sent to me by PR for consideration. all other items were purchased by myself.


  1. great monthly favorites post :)
    i recently started using rapidlash myself, i hope i get a good result as well.

  2. I recently try the Essence purple gel liner as an eyeshadow base (not primer) and liked the result very much. When I was last in front of a Catrice display, the Chameleon e/s was sold out.

  3. I can't wait to read your reviews on the Suqqu brushes! I am literally waiting with bated breath! :) I've been eying those brushes for ages and I'd really love to know how they compare to the Hakuhodo brushes.

  4. I got Peridot as well, normally I don't spend nearly as much on nailpolishes, but with this color, green, gold and some copper, it was just screaming to come mama! And luckily I don't regeret my purchase at all, it's even more lovely than I extected. <3

    When the got2b Powderful came out I instantly bought it and really liked the effect, but I was really annoyed how it was gone after a few hours.. meh. :( I suppose I could fix this with hairspray, but I just haven't gotten around to trying it yet.

  5. I Love origins mask!
    Like your favorites!

  6. i love favorites posts!
    what shade are you in GA Designer lift?

  7. What a bad girl you are, to tease us with Suqqu brushes! ; ) I've been stalking your blog ever since you got them, but it looks like they're going to get a positive review.

  8. mmm i cant wait to see your review on the LMdB blushes. they look so pretty. great favorites!

  9. Schöne Favoriten! :)
    Der Effekt von Péridot gefällt mir auch sehr gut. Pink it up! von P2 hat fast den ganzen Sommer meine Fußnägel geziert, ein wunderschönes und strahlendes Pink.
    Die neue Version von Heidi Plum finde ich noch schöner als die alte und die Eyes to Kill e/s sind sowieso ein Träumchen.
    Aus dieser Biotherm-Serie habe ich die Bodylotion, der Geruch ist fruchtig frisch und angenehm.

  10. suqqu is an amazing brand, I love their lippies, the quality is amazing and their brushes pure lux! <3 your taste

  11. Sooo viele Favoriten :) Ich will unbedingt die Review zum SUQQU Pinsel!!!

  12. I so enjoyed this post. So many reviews to look forward to! I was excited to spot Small Talk too, I have it and don't think I've ever seen it mentioned on a blog before :D
    Jane x

  13. Der G5552 Pinsel von Hakuhodo sieht dem Shiseido Foundation Brush zumindest von der Form her ja wirklich sehr ähnlich, nur dass der Shiseido kein Duo-Fibre ist. Ich mag so kleine Pinsel gerne, sie sind schön handlich.

  14. Love you favourites! I liked new GA foundation too, I'm thinking about getting Hakuhodo G5552 but for foundation also a fan brush! Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant is totally loveeee!

  15. Thanks for sharing. Great photos, by the way.

  16. I ordered Paula's Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum last week because it was on sale. I hope it agrees with my skin. I plan on using it at night so hopefully the silicone slip won't be uncomfortable for me.

  17. Oooh want to try the essence liner, everything else, is unfortunately, too expensive for me.
    But i'm loving the bright coloured nail polish, that turquoise is quite gorgey.

  18. I'm still loving your blog, always checking it! Love it!!

  19. Hallo!! I love everything!! I would like to know your opinion: It's very difficult for me to blend blushes, I always apply too much. Can you tell me which blush brush do you think is more foolproof?
    Thanks in advance! And happy medical student/doctor's day, I don't know there in Deutschland but here in my country (Uruguay) yesterday was our day (I'm also a med student)
    Best Wishes,

  20. Ich kann die beim Vergleich zwischen dem Catricelidschatten und MAC Club voll zustimmen.Ich ärgere mich mittlerweile so viel Geld für MAC ausgegeben zu haben, da ich ihn seit ich im Besitz des Catricelidschattens bin kein einziges Mal mehr verwendet habe :)

  21. A thorough and beautiful post. I'm surprised by the "In my Back Pocket". Shocking orange doesn't seem like a fall color--- but it actually would be a nice way to mix things up now!

  22. thank you everyone!

    i will feature all suqqu products soon in an extra suqqu week or so.

    @mage: that medical student day sounds so lovely! i even feel honored that somewhere else on this planet there is a day contributed extra to "us"!
    tell me what price range you need or what brands you can't get hold of, so my recommendation can be more individual for you.
    but if you're problem is overapplication, you'd need a soft, fluffy brush. i think the best brushes for soft and sheer application are squirrel hair brushes, i would recommend the RMK Cheek Brush. goat hair brushes from Hakuhodo are both reasonably priced and soft as well. the (goat hair) blush brush by Le Métier de Beauté is soft and versatile (i like it for foundation application even better than for blush). if you want synthetic blush brushes, take a look at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics brushes or Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman.
    duo fibre brushes are an in-between thing: they are fluffy and apply sheerly, at the same time they can be used for cream blush application or foundation application. many brands offer duo fibre brushes, i think Sigma's knock-offs from MAC are ok.
    only dab the brush into the blush pan once at a time and build up the colour gradually to your desired intensity.

    hth ;)


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