Dec 13, 2011

Artdeco Pure Minerals eyeshadows in #844 & #849.

i bought two of Artdeco's new Pure Minerals eyeshadows with my last order, they always are good fillers when you want to reach a certain order value for GWPs ;)
i have swatched several of them in store before, they looked really amazing in the halogen-store lighting and overall, i'm quite satisfied with my existing Artdeco shadows so i wasn't reluctant to try some more.
the Pure Minerals eyeshadows don't contain artificial pigments, perfume or preservatives, you could use them wet and dry.
these cost 5.80€ each (a bit more than the normal shadows) and come in the same little magnetic pan that fit well into the Artdeco Systeme Mosaïque palettes. they don't say how much is contained, but i guess it's the regular 1g of product.

#844 Pure Iron-Grey

this is a shimmery dark taupe, nothing special but fits exactly into my prey-pattern. it has a soft and fine consistency and proper colour pay-off. the only fact i don't like is that the shimmer is not as beautiful than it was in store
it applies evenly and blends very well. with the UDPP underneath, it also lasts all day without creasing. the smokey taupe is a good shadow to wear on its own but still creates a dimensional appearance.

Artdeco #844 swatched in natural light & with flashlight (last photograph)


here i only wore this eyeshadow on the whole lid & lower lashline.

#849 Pure Mystic Brown

this colour swatches and applies even darker than it appears in the pan, also it's less shimmery than i expected. after all, i like the actual colour even better than what i have seen under halogen lights. it ends up being a satin finish rich coffee brown with intense pigmentation but is easy to apply and blend evenly.
this is a great basic shade, everyone should have such a colour in their collection as it's very versatile. it can be used as an eyeliner, a crease colour, to deepen the outer V or as a lid shade for a dark smokey eye. this also wears comfortably all day, there are no quality deficiencies compared to a common eyeshadow formula.

Artdeco #849 swatched in natural light & with flash (last photo)


here as well a one-shadow-only look with #849 on the lid and lower lashline.

you can find swatches and reviews for other Artdeco eyeshadows here.


  1. you have some real good brown/smokey colours! xxx

  2. I like this. It's not too plain jane brown but not black either. <3

  3. I like very much this brand, thanks for the review of this eyeshadow, nice tone,

  4. Ow, I love Artdeco eye shadows! I have about 5 of them and they are great quality considering such nice price! Unfortunately it's not really easy to come across this brand in the UK!

  5. I have not heard of this brand until now but the color is beautiful! Thanks for the swatches. It reminds me of what MAC eyeshadows used to be before they became sheer and chalky.


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