Dec 20, 2011

Cargo SuedeBlush in Montebello.

Cargo Montebello is a SuedeBlush i ordered through Maureen some months ago because i was quite intrigued with its gorgeous look in the pan (reminded me of Givenchy's Blooming Fuchsias). it's a mixture of colour sprinkes of coral pink, pale pink and tan.
the mixed colour is a warm medium pink with white, almost frosty shimmer. it has a fine consistency and medium pigmentation.
the cool-toned shimmer didn't suit me though, i found it to be too much. it slightly emphasized on my enlarged pores and the overall colour had an unmodern touch to it, so i have sold it away by now. it's maybe better for someone with a fine skin texture and a deeper skin tone than mine.
this blush comes in the regular Cargo tin but contains 12g of product instead of "only" 8.9g like the normal blushes. it costs 26$.

check the overview post of my Cargo Blush collection for more swatches and reviews.

Cargo Montebello in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blush - with Cargo Montebello


the RBR blush is more reddish and has a satin finish, MAC's Mineralize Blush in Dainty is a softer, warmer pink and also less shimmery than Cargo Montebello.


  1. wow love the blush, thanks for sharing!

  2. that's such a pretty color! thanks for the review. :)

  3. wow the blush doesnt even look like it has shimmers in the pan. i would have never known it was frosty if you didnt swatch it! it looks beautiful on you.

  4. I'm really lemming for Cargo blushes after the wonderful series of swatches you've done!!! I'm so happy we now have easy access of Cargo products in continental Europe too :)

  5. It's a bit too shimmery for my tastes but you really do make it look like a soft, lovely color.

  6. Hi! :) I found you from tiffany's blog (willworkformakeup) new blog follower! <3 i've never tried cargo products, but after seeing these swatches i have got to try it!


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