Dec 12, 2011

Cargo Topeka.

next Cargo blusher is Topeka. it's in the permanent line and i ordered it through Maureen some months ago, now it's easier accessible on
it comes in the regular Cargo-tin and contains 8.9g for 26$/18.10€.
i wanted to try this shade for a long time, i have read great reviews about it. it was often compared with NARS Luster blush (which i l♥ve for summer time), but when someone said "if you love Luster, you will love Topeka!" it was clear that i would order Topeka right away.
it has a dusty peach colour with soft gold shimmer, it's the same fine texture as my other shimmery Cargo blushes and applies and blends with ease. it has a medium pigmentation and i'm glad that the result is a warm peach colour with gold sheen but the shimmer doesn't lay flat on my skin surface to create a frosty/greasy finish that would emphasize on any unevenness of the skin. it lasts on me an average time, about 6-7 hours before it's fading.
the colour is quite warm and a bit tricky for me to pull off without looking sick, i need to combine it with intense eye makeups as the main focus of the face and a proper contour to frame it. worn more intensely, i like to combine it with a shimmery chocolate brown eyeshadow look. it goes well with dark smokey eyes, too. if i just want the beautiful gold glow, i'd also layer Topeka sheerly over a matte reddish or rose blush.
compared to NARS Luster, Topeka appears more rosey whereas Luster looks almost orange. the gold shimmer is much stronger with the NARS blusher, almost like a duochrome while it's just a gold glow in Topeka.

see my Cargo Blush collection overview to get to more reviews.

Cargo Topeka in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blusher (but with absolutely unflattering makeup for this blusher ;)) - with Cargo Topeka


NARS Luster - Cargo Topeka

NARS Luster - Cargo Topeka


  1. very nice tone, thanks for the review

  2. Thanks for the review! It suits you well!

  3. just curious how do you find the quality of cargo's blushes? i just tried their powder and i'm not impressed :/ so i was wondering if their blushes were good? (which seeing how many of them you have i would think they are ^^)

  4. Pretty!! I like the gold sheen it gives~ and it looks lovely on you. :]

  5. *sigh*
    Cargo blush posts are among my favourite beauty posts of the day.

  6. I actually prefer the Cargo over the NARS :)

  7. thank you all!

    @Isabella: i think Cargo blushes are amazing and absolutely underrated. they have beautiful fine textures and nice shimmers, but i love their mattes the most. they're sold at a fabulous price/amount-ratio.
    some may find their texture too powdery, but if you just lay and dab your brush into the product, you won't experience that and will still get a good pigmentation. and as you said, my extensive collection speaks for its own ;)

  8. Oooh. I definitely think that the Cargo blush would compliment my skintone more than the NARS.


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