Dec 17, 2011

Glossybox Christmas Edition.

i was contacted by the Glossybox PR team last month and asked if i would want to try the Glossybox Beauty without any costs and reservations. i am currently still testing products from the November Glossybox (didn't post a sneak peek since the dashboards were already full of those), but December boxes came earlier in case you bought it as a christmas present.

you surely already know the fuss about these boxes, for a 10€ monthly subscription you'll get a surprise box with 5 deluxe samples of beauty products. over the last year, Glossybox has expanded its cooperation with many brands and now offers a nice diversity of products and the content should be geared towards the beauty profile of each subscriber. they provide free shipping and next to germany, the boxes are also available in Austria, Italy, Spain and the UK, soon also in the US, Switzerland, Russia and many more.
other than the beauty boxes, they also have the Glossybox Men (15€ quarterly for 6 high end samples for men) and the Glossybox Style (39.90€ monthly and you can choose from different clothing/accessory products based on your style profile - i have just ordered something and will show it to you soon if you want to see).
they are always super nicely packed in sturdy gift boxes, with silk paper wrapping and a lovely ribbon, it's a pleasure to unpack them. for christmas time, the December boxes are festively packed in a glossy red box, with red ribbon, pine green silk paper and snow white filling material.

you can subscribe to the Glossybox on their website.

here's a quick overview of what was in my box:

Fudge Ends: a hair treatment cream for split ends, this is a original size with 50ml that would normally cost 16.50€. i have never tried or heard of this brand before, but will definitely try this for my dry ends! the protein combination sounds interesting.

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel in Yogi Flow with Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil: also a full size at 200ml for 7.90€ regularly. the scent is quite warm and intense, less rose than i'd like. don't know if i will try it or give it to someone else as a present.

AHAVA Leave-On Deadsea Mud Dermud Intensive Foot Cream: 20ml sample size (original size 100ml/17.50€). well, dunno too. maybe in the summer when my heels are dry. or for a girls-spa-night.

Babor Glossy Liplite in #02: a terracotta-red shade with silver and pink shimmer. full size, contains 7ml and retails for 16.50€. this is a quite gimmicky product with a mirror on the side and LED lights inside the cap that help you to apply your gloss in the dark. well, who needs this feature? a lady goes to the restroom for touch-ups. i would feel weird to pop out a highlighted lipgloss in the crowd... plus, i also have such glosses from a much cheaper drugstore brand and this one totally reminds me of it, feels a bit crappy. the colour is also not my taste, so i think i will skip it and give it to someone else, too.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Foundation Stick in #132 Sand: full size product, regularly 13.99€ for 9ml. i wouldn't have bought it on my own but i remember hearing good reviews for it. it's a mattifying formula with "professional hold" (whatever that means...doesn't essentially imply "long-wearing" to me). but before i'd break the seal of this product, i want to go to the drugstore first to swatch the testers so i know if the shade #132 Sand would be a good match for me at all. it seems to be a medium warm beige that could match.

bottom line: i have enjoyed the content of my last box, and in this one my two highlights are the hair treatment and the foundation stick.
however from my overview of the previous Glossyboxes, i can clearly say that they have only very few times included products that i would go out and buy. the brands are rather medium-end than luxury or high end at all, products for hair styling, hand creams and random mascaras occur too often. products matching the beauty-profile don't really work yet and there will always be some products that you don't like at all in your box while others have just the products you wanted (there are many swapping networks on beauty forums and facebook). but i think one shouldn't always do the math but has to remember that it's just a surprise box with samples that lets you try out things you wouldn't have.
for my part, i wouldn't order the Glossybox Beauty for myself. i'm a much too rational person and would rather use this 120€ per year to buy some really high end cosmetic than having a bunch of drugstore products i wouldn't use.
i think though, this is a perfect gift for any girl or woman, she will think of you each month! so i'm quite happy to get it sent for free this way, thank you dear Glossybox team!

this product was sent to me by PR for consideration without any costs and reservations.


  1. Can't wait for it to start shipping international!!you got there amazing stuff!!Enjoy hun!!


  2. some Products are the same like in my Box

  3. nice selection of products, thanks for sharing!


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