Dec 2, 2011

Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs in #93, Rue de Passy.

Guerlain's Écrin 6 Couleurs Palettes are one of my big loves. i just adore everything about them (except for the price) - the amazingly beautiful, hefty packaging, the selection of neutral nuances combined with a "star" shade in each palette, the textures and finishes and the versatility.
at 72€ each, they are real luxury items - but when Nägele (read more about them here) did a sale about a month ago with 25% discount, i couldn't say no to a fourth Écrin 6 Couleurs Palette. 54€ for such a treasure, which contains 7.2g of product, is quite a steal.
there are 5 of them in the permanent line, i already own and reviewed 3: #2 Place Vendôme here, #29 Rue de Sèvres here and #68 Champs-Élysées here.
so there are just 2 left to choose from and since Magi and Amelie have featured them so beautifully on their blogs, i decided against my first choice and went for #93 Rue de Passy.
but i still have the fifth permanent palette, #10, Rue de Francs-Bourgeois on my radar ;)
the limited edition ones are not really my colour scheme, all were too pinky/purpley. i wish for a neutral one with teal and forest green as blurs of colour.

have i mentioned that i love every aspect of these palettes? the parisien tinge, the details and stories behind them (for example, they are named after Guerlain boutiques in Paris), the jewel-like packaging of reflective, weighty metal material. they already feel luxurious and are real masterpieces of packaging design. the sumptous ornamental grid, the magnetic closure, how you have to open the big mirror to the side like a jewel case... everything comes together for an opulent experience of making up in the short time you spend at your dressing table.
us women shall feel like queens for the few minutes we are all with ourselves, dressing up - before we have to rush out into the stress of the day, we should pamper ourselves to feel special and beautiful, even if the result we're opting for is just the most subtle and boring.
that's why i love good packaging and luxurious brushes - and these Guerlain palettes deliver and symbolize exactly this feeling for me.

they are the most wearable, neutral and subtle shades and finishes, but they can make you feel great when you use them and each one is perfect on its own.
i love how the concept with the graduation of soft shades plus a star-shade, plus a liner colour allows you to create many different looks with just one palette, but it's still not too many eyeshadows to choose from.
the textures are silky and fine, the pigmentation soft and safe, the finishes are satiny, pearly or slightly shimmery but all on the office-appropriate, professional side.

ok, that's it with my schmaltzy love letter to the Écrin 6 Couleurs ;)

#93, Rue de Passy is a harmony of rosey neutrals. i feared that this palette could be too pink for me, but i was proven wrong and they are the perfect neutral, slightly warm colours on me while my other 3 are definitely cool-toned.
i really appreciate the silky colours, they are easy to handle and to blend but if i wish to, they can give me enough impact and smokiness. the low-shimmer or -frost shadows can create incredibly dimensional, sophisticated looks.

  • in the center we have a shimmery, borderline frosty pale pink. i like this as an inner corner highlight or for the center of the lids. i'm glad that it's rather a cream colour than a pink shade on me.
  • the lightest shade looks like a caramel toffee colour in the pan, but swatches as a rose-peach on me. it's matte. surprisingly it blends into my skin super-nicely although it swatches quite dark on my arm, so i like to use it as a base colour on the whole lid up to the brow bone for a natural, subtle look or as a blending shade.
  • next colour going counterclockwise is a nougat brown, on me it's a rosewood colour. it has a satin finish. this is my perfect natural crease shade i've been searching for a long time. colours i've tried were always too ochre and made me look icteric, i never had the idea to try a rosier shade. 
  • then there's a slightly mauvey, classic taupe with pearl shimmer finish. it's quite cool-toned on my eyes and i like it as a lid shade (in this palette it's the nicest one to wear on its own) or on the lower lashline.
  • the dark shade is my favourite in this palette, to me it looks like Chanel Paradoxal nailpolish as an eyeshadow. very subtle, beautiful "hidden" duochrome of cool toned charcoal taupe with pink and purple pearl shimmer that is most visible in direct light. great shade for a smokey eye.
  • the liner colour is a pearly warm black. it's intensely pigmented and i also use it to darken the outer V. it's fine on the waterline (at least for me)

with flash


#1 soft & subtle nude eye

for this eye make up i used the matte rose peach on the whole lid up to the browbone and added the nougat brown as a soft crease colour. i used the pale pink in the inner corner and a light sweep on the center of the lids, the pearly taupe on the lower lashline. liner shade used dry on the outer half of the eye.
i really loved how nice this look turned out. usually really nudey lids make me look sick and small-eyed, but these colours let me appear very bright and almost invisibly polished. not too pink at all. probably my favourite look with this palette although i'm not a fan of lighter shadows.

#2 daytime smokey eye

i applied the pearly taupe all over the lid and on the lower lashline. pale pink on the inner corners, pearly black used as a soft crease colour. everything blended out using the light rose-peach.

#3 dark smokey eye

again, the pale pink in the inner corner. the dark "Paradoxal" shade on the whole lid blended upwards to the crease, the pearly black near the lashline to intensify depth. pearly black also on the upper waterline (which slightly transferred down to the lower). pearly taupe on the lower lashline.


i already had the Guerlain quad in Les Fumes (review) and i worried that the colours might be too similar to #93, Rue de Passy. but as you can see they are quite different. they are in the same colour family especially for the top and right shade of Les Fumes quad as both are warm, rosy neutrals, but Les Fumes is darker, smokier and slightly more cool-toned than #93, Rue de Passy. no remorse owning both at all.

and lastly, for the sake of the eye candy, my Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs palettes altogether:

from left clockwise: #2 Place Vendôme here, #29 Rue de Sèvres here and #68 Champs-Élysées here.


  1. So pretty, the packaging is beautiful and elegant. The very wearable shades for any look. I love the picture with the reflected light on the eyeshadows

  2. it looks gorgeous!!! is this from the permanent line?

    i need some guerlain stuff, a palette and the meteorites are on my list, as soon as a discount code hits the floor... :D

  3. Schöne Paletten, die enthaltenen Nuancen sind hübsch (besonders der helle e/s in der Mitte und "Paradoxal") und lassen sich vielseitig einsetzen und kombinieren.
    Deine Looks gefallen mir sehr gut.
    Danke für's Vorstellen! :)

  4. oh my, it is so beautiful!
    it reminds me of the new naked 2 palette of course this is so much more glamorous!

  5. Gorgeous but way too expensive for my liking.

  6. wow! These palettes look gorgeous. Love the shades in this palette! But the prize :S

  7. i have place vendome and I like it a lot. i love the way you can layer these shadows. I thought this one was a bit boring but you've changed my mind!!

  8. Beautiful palette! thanks for sharing!

  9. Thats really pretty palette. Ive been wanting to get one for ages!!! But I can't decide which one. Which is your favourite?

  10. Diese Palette ist schon sehr verführerisch aber derzeit neige ich doch wohl eher zur Rue de Sèvres...mal sehen, welche es wird :-)Die beiden sind auf jeden Fall in der engen Auswahl. Da ich die 4er Les Fumés schon habe, und die Rue de Passy in die gleiche Farbrichtung geht, wäre die Sèvres vermutlich doch die bessere Wahl...hmmm...schwierig. Was für ein Luxus-Problem, nicht wahr? :-)

  11. The #93 Rue de Passy palette appears to be an ideal everyday work palette. Would you say any of the colours have a comparable MAC colour equivalent? I'd like to see if I have some of these colours in my own collection before going to check out the Guerlain.

    I think there might be a soft brown, espresso, and perhaps brown down...

  12. thank you everybody!

    @evelien: yes, this palette is permanent. i love Guerlain, tell me when you have bought your first Guerlain and how you like it!

    @L e n a: i never thought of that, but now looking at the swatches you're quite right! warm neutrals, but with more chic finishes than the frosty NAKED palettes. if i ever try the NAKED 2 i will definitely compare.

    @Татьяна Blesk: my favourite probably is the #2 Place Vendôme one since i adore the golden taupe shade in that one and the overall colour mix is quite appealing!

    @sternchen: ich denke auch, dass dann die Sèvres palette die bessere wahl wäre wenn du auf vielfältigkeit setzt und nicht nach warm/kalt aspekten.

    @boobooninja: with mac shadows i'm not too helpful because i never paid much attention to the soft, warm shades when i was into MAC. but browsing some good online-swatches i think you should definitely take a look at:

    Jest for the center colour
    Grain or Kid for the light rose peach shade,
    Quarry for the darker nougat-shade
    Satin Taupe for the taupe
    Print for the pearly black

  13. Oh no! I didn't think I needed to get another guerlain palette, but after seeing your wonderful review and eye looks, I MUST get this palette!!!
    I own the place vendome and rue des francs-bourgeois palette already and I love them both!
    I also just recently got three on of the 'ecrin 4 couleurs' that were released in the fall.
    Guerlain is going to make me bankrupt! But atleast I will be happy and bankrupt! ;-)
    Thanks for your wonderful review, I love your blog!

    Love, Stephanie

  14. @boobooninja: oh forgot:
    MAC Smut for the "paradoxal" shade ;)

  15. O wow, this is so pretty. I always love your pictures and swatches. But they always make me buy more make up *lol*
    I actually bought this from someone and then it got lost in the mail, and now I'm started to get obsessed again about it ;)
    Maybe some day I'll get my hands on this pretty thing.
    I love the texture of Guerlain eye shadows :)

  16. I love love your first look. My birthday is coming up in few weeks, maybe i should treat myself to a Guerlain. This would be my first Guerlain product, which one would you actually recommend? I also prefer neutral but chic look.

  17. Thank you for the perfect review! Could you recommend this palette for blue eyes - what palette (#6 or #93) is more prefable for blue-muted eyes? Also, the red pigment in shadows or too rose-toned shadows make my eyes like I'm crying. :( Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for your nice comment. i think this palette would look great on light blue eyes. the rosy colours are soft and neutral, they are not pink at all but browns and beiges with a mauvey or rosy tinge. i can't really wear reddish colours as they are emphasizing on my often already red eyes, but these colours are so muted that they just appear soft and natural.
      i hope you will find it suitable for you!



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