Feb 15, 2011

NARS Ashes To Ashes + dupe

NARS Ashes To Ashes (2.2g - 24€/16.50£/23$) is a new member of my NARS-collection ;) it's from the permanent range.
packaging is as always a rubberized signature NARS case with a full size mirror.
Ashes To Ashes (ATA) is in the same colour family as NARS Cairo, which i also own and have showed you here. if i would describe Cairo as a shimmery sand colour, than ATA would be a shimmery wet-sand-colour, just a little bit darker and a hint more plummy than Cairo. these two would go together perfectly for a really subtle taupe eye make up.
the shimmer is very fine, the pigmentation is ok and its blendability is good. not stunning quality, no wow-colour, but a very very good staple shade with a reliable quality to use every day without even having to think about it plus a little more edgy feeling of NARS.

NARS Ashes To Ashes in natural light
NARS Ashes To Ashes in artificial light

but of course i already had a (drugstore-) dupe in mind the first time swatching it - like a good beauty-collector does ;) Max Factor Burnt Bark that is, and here you see they are really close:

NARS Cairo - MAC Satin Taupe - NARS Ashes To Ashes - Max Factor Burnt Bark
NARS Cairo - MAC Satin Taupe - NARS Ashes To Ashes - Max Factor Burnt Bark
 i would say Burnt Bark is between Cairo and ATA, while Satin Taupe is much warmer.


  1. not another Taupe! (since I'm a little Taupe-addicted)... but good to know there is a drugstore alternative

  2. Hi! I have Ashes to Ashes. Do you think I need the Chanel Safari or they are almost the same? And what about the quality and color payoff? I'm from Brazil and I don't have a Chanel Store next to me.


    1. Chanel Safari is more shimmery and pigmented than Ashes to Ashes. They have a different undertone, too: while Safari is a beigey/golden sand taupe, Ashes to Ashes is more of a grey/lavendar taupe. Their colour intensity is the same. So if you have a deeper skin tone, most likely you won't see much of a different.


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