Feb 25, 2011

Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats - Sculpting Blush

i can't get enough blushes these days and slowly am trying out some designer brands. the Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats - Sculpting Blush in #07 Caresse de l'Aube arrived few days ago, this shade initially was part of the fall collection 2010 but was still available at the online shops i tried. i heard it was so popular that Guerlain is keeping it in the permanent line, but i couldn't find it at the counters.

the blush comes in the regular Guerlain packaging like the eyeshadow quads and singles, a compact in an organic shape that is looking like a melting gold bar. inside it has a full size mirror and a small angled natural hair brush, that is quite gentle and soft.
the blush itself is scented in Guerlain's signature Violet scent, it's quite apparent but will evaporate quickly after applied.
it contains 4 different colour coordinated shades in slightly different textures. the #07 Caresse de l'Aube consists:
  • a satin light rosey tan with white microshimmer
  • a satin pale pink with microshimmer
  • a matte pale salmon colour
  • a matte rosey beige

all shades are very light and transparent, they mix together to a peach with a rose hue and apply like a light bronzey flush. you could try to use two shades each, but normally i just swirl them altogether. the textures are excellent, very very fine and tender, the pigmentation is sheer but buildable. so you can go from a transparent barely-there wash to a healthy more apparent look, just like kissed from the first sun of spring. a very wearable colour, i can't imagine a look i wouldn't work with.

it goes on beautifully without any blotchiness and is very blendable. you can hardly get it wrong since it's so light and sheer. but still it gives great definition and really is scupting, i think also because of the high rate of brown/beige in it.
i have no other comparable shade in my stash, so this time: sorry, no comparison swatches.
the delicate satin finish gives a natural sheen to your cheeks, making them looking youthful and tight. it makes the skin of my cheeks looking sooooo poreless, i don't know how it does that.
i will definitely get another shade of this range if all of them are so fantastic, maybe a rose colour. the price of 44.95€ is really high, but remember you get 9g of product with this!
please notice that this is a light colour, it may perform like NARS Sex Appeal blush (which i don't have (yet) and can't confirm) and isn't working for deeper skintones such as MAC NC30+.

Guerlain Caresse de l'Aube in direct sunlight: top left - top right - bottom left - bottom right - mixed together
Guerlain Caresse de l'Aube in the shadow: top left - top right - bottom left - bottom right - mixed together


in this picture i'm wearing it:


  1. "..makes the skin of my cheeks looking sooooo poreless.." Now, THAT is something that made me stop in my tracks! :)))
    Too bad it probably won't show up on my skin though. Are you going to show a FOTD with this blush? Thank you!

  2. oh yes, i will do, but these days the light was either too bright or too low to make good pictures. i promise i will try to post a FOTD this weekend ;)

  3. Aaaww, thanks Keto! Yeah, I'm so fed up with the grayness of everything now. I'm waiting for some warm, sunny weather to come and STAY in Germany. :))


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