Feb 14, 2011

Guerlain Blush G

the Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire Secret De Bonne Mine / Secret To A Healthy Glow (8g - 55€) - wow that was a mouth full! - was the star product of the spring collection by Guerlain for me personally (i didn't like the new Ecrin 6 Couleurs eyeshadow palette 'cause of the pink in the middle).
i have pre-ordered it on parfumdreams.de since before christmas as i knew i'd have to have it. finally it was delivered last week.
it comes in a lovely luxurious packaging, as always with Guerlain. the compact is in a great velvet pouch with a hot pink satin lining. the black shiny compact holds a big mirror and the pressed powder blush on the first level and has a magnetic closure. there is a bottom level which houses a flat hot pink brush (which bristles look more harsh than they actually are - but i still wouldn't use it).
the bottom part makes the compact rather bulky, though. i don't like that the balance point is on the mirror side when you open up the compact, so it will tend to tilt backwards each time you open up the mirror more than 90°. i think this is a major weak point of this design. they should have taken a look at the Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes: even though the top part is of a heavier metal material, it's bottom part is still heavy enough to hold the palette laying stable on it's ground.

the the blush itself consists of 4 different coloured stripes with a big curly "G" on them as initial of the brand.

the 4 shades are:

the widest stripe on top: a watermelon colour with gold sparkles
the thinnest stripe underneath, a bright fuchsia with satin finish and a gold sheen, which is rather hardly pressed and very sheer
a medium bubblegum peachy-pink with gold shimmer
a light baby-pink with gold shimmer and sparkles at the bottom
    Guerlain Blush G: each stripe individually + mixed together on the right

    the stripes are too thin to get each colour individually, but you can use the two top or the two bottom colours mixed together for a more bright or a more light look.

    all shades together give a satiny pinky coral with gold sparkles. the pigmentation is quite sheer, i thought it would be very pigmented and i'd have to be careful with my brush when i first saw the bright colour combinations in promotion pics. but the light pigmentation is buildable and has a pretty transparency to it to make it perfectly wearable and really gives a fresh colour and a healthy glow. also the gold shimmer is not too visible or disco-esque, this was another surprise for me - i just love it! i didn't think i would like it that much and was afraid that it may be too orange for my skin, but it isn't at all.
    the powder is very finely milled, not chalky or powdery, and pressed quite firm.  it's also very blendable and applies evenly without blotches, the shimmer will stay equally distributed even after blended out on your skin.

    i've worn it in this FOTD

    here is also a pretty big group photo of all blushes that could look alike one of the stripes or the overall colour:
    Guerlain Blush G in the middle. clockwise around it, starting from the upper right: NARS Orgasm - MAC Dollymix - NARS Deep Throat - Bobbi Brown Pink Coral - MAC Dainty - MAC Rhapsody In Two - Benefit Coralista - MAC Hipness

    after thourough inspection, there are only two blushes left that seemed to be a possible dupe in my eyes,  Benefit Coralista and NARS Orgasm.
    in natural light: Benefit Coralista - Guerlain Blush G - NARS Orgasm
    in artificial light: Benefit Coralista - Guerlain Blush G - NARS Orgasm

    as you can see, both aren't sufficent dupes. Coralista is much peachier and has more of a white frost while Orgasm is a little bit more pink and has much more gold shimmer.
    i will get Benefit Bella Bamba soon, i will swatch it against the Blush G to check their similarity for you ;)


    1. Das ist ja ein wahres Schmuckstück! Solche Farben kriegen mich immer wieder :D

    2. haha, mich auch, wie du auf dem "gruppenfoto" siehst ;)

    3. Oh excellent review! I abslutely love the G blusher and use it every day!! I hope it never runs out, because getting a backup will be expensive haha xxxx

      and btw your blog is one of my faves!!! excellent posts and GREAT TASTE!

    4. oh yes, i also love it more with every day. i can even wear it to work without looking too made up. and it's so buildable to such a pretty glowing pink!
      luckily there's quite a big amount in it - i'm sure it will last a looong time and "the industries" will release gooooood substitutes for us if it ever runs out ;)
      and thank you for your compliment, gail - it means so much to me!

    5. Love the blushes!! Just bought the G!!


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