Feb 1, 2011

cream blushes part II: TopShop Cream Blushes (+NARS Cactus Flower)

next part and also the rest of my cream blushes ;-)

i bought some of their Cream Blushes when british clothing&accessories brand TopShop newly released a make up range. each contains 4g and cost 6£, shipping rates were reasonably, too.
i find the packaging very cute and the design goes with the young, cute&trendy image of the brand. it's rubberized plastic with a polka dot print and has a mirror inside.

the texture of these is on the dry side, but rather silicony-dry than waxy-dry. it reminds me of a cream-to-powder finish, but is a bit more silicony than those. the blendability is ok - but stippling on light layers is better than swirling, best tool would be your fingers with these, though (but i don't like to use my fingers).  the finish is silky-matte, but gets more dewy during the day. i chose non-shimmery shades, but had to make my choice based on internet-swatches. i would have purchased a more beige-y shade instead of one of the brights i got.
there are some more colours, but i went for those 3:

Pinch is a bright hot pink.

 Flush is a bright peachy pink.

 Neon Rose is a pinky coral.

NARS Cream Blush in Cactus Flower (5.4g - 29€/20.50£/26$) i have already swatched for you here. it is a coral/red with gold microshimmer + sparkles. the texture is quite waxy-dry (as it melts on your warm skin), but applies and blends very well. the finish is satiny-glowy.
sadly this seems to fade rather quickly on me, after about 4-5 hours. i don't know if it's some sort of skin reaction, but i know this isn't an uncommon problem with NARS Cream Blushes. do you own cream blushes by NARS and have you experienced this, too? is there a trick to avoid it fading aside from pairing with a powder blusher?

so these are all of my cream blushes, next time i'll move on to the cheek stains/gels. stay tuned :)


  1. great, so i hope this series is helpful for you.

  2. I am really fond of cream blushes, and I never had problems with them to fade. I use NARS and also the SHISEIDO Sticks. I need better colours then you usually get them by the cheap brands, and new products are always in only 3 colours.
    I stick to NARS. I would love to have something else, but I did not find anything on the european market in stire now!

  3. you lucky one! i would also like to get some more nars cream blushes (especially penny lane) but i'm afraid that such a light colour will fade on me even earlier than cactus flower. i will definitely try the multiple tints if i can get hold of one, though.


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