Feb 7, 2011

Guerlain Ombre Éclat 1 Couleur - #185 L'Instant d'une Émotion

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Guerlain Ombre Éclat 1 Couleur #185 L'Instant d'une Émotion (3.6g - 29€) - this eyeshadow i bought right after i've seen a swatch of it on Café Make Up - i was so stunned by it's multicolour shimmers!

it is a dark warm grey with a green tinge, in real the shimmers are not as apparent when applied as i hoped, but in sunlight your lids will glow in a firework of sparkles.
the texture is great, soft, but not too soft. pigmented, but still easy to handle. it blends beautifully without loosing the shimmers, and is not only beautiful as a crease/outer corner colour, but also as a lid colour for a smokey eye or layered over an eyeliner (i don't like to use eyeshadows as eyeliners themselves, i like to layer them over a black liquid liner) for a discreet look.
it has no fall outs when applying and on me it's long lasting without creasing or fading.

in the shadow
in direct sunlight

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