Feb 7, 2011

Guerlain Ombre Éclat 1 Couleur - overview

aren't they just beautiful? i have 3 of the Guerlain Ombre Éclat monos (yet), which i will introduce to you soon. this should be an overview post, in which i will summarise all shades and link to each individual post.

the shades i own are:
at 29€ for 3.6g the price is very high, but notice you get a huge amount of product with this! so if you aren't someone who wants to have many many different shades but want to have some staples in your collection that you can use on a regular basis, this price tag will relativise for you.

the eyeshadow comes in a beautiful packaging: a gold plastic compact that looks like a melted gold nugget with it's organic shape.  it holds  a big mirror and a little (useless) sponge applicator. each comes with a velvet pouch, as usual in the high end range.
though the packaging is very prone to fingerprints, it is really a treat even to look at, in comparison to many other brands.
i know many of you don't care for the packaging as long as the quality is right (me too, trust me - just go and read my rave review for the wet n'wild eyeshadows ;)  ). but if you're at the point to pay so much - and we all know that we don't pay 29€ just for the good quality of the pressed eyeshadow powder -  you can expect to feel a little luxe even before using the product itself. 
i have noticed that the texture of the mono shadows is more lightly pressed respectively a little softer  than the Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes (swatch&review here).

do you have one/some of these eyeshadows or would you buy them? how do you like them, which colours can you recommend?

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