Feb 4, 2011

Artdeco Coral Kisses collection Eyeshadow #50

since i saw the preview pictures to the Coral Kisses collection, i knew i will have to get this particular shadow. the promo pics seem like a spanish summer, opposed to the actual weather, but i find the eyeshadows all very wintery.
#50 (1.5g - 4.80€) is a Pearl-finish eyeshadow and described as a "pearly pine green". this colour is just right up my alley - dark and smokey, but with a hint of colour, in this case, a green shimmer and silver sparkles in a dark dark moss-green base.
it reminds me very much of the theme colour of Chanel for this season, like the Black Pearl nail polish, the dark green in their Regard Perlé eyeshadow quad, the dark colours in the limited edition Ombres Perlées palette...
i have a feeling that this could even be a dupe for the Chanel shade in the quad, or is at least created in an intention to be a dupe.
the texture of this is a little bit dry and gritty, not pearly at all. it is as softly pressed as all Artdeco shadows, so i guess you should be careful in terms of fall outs.
i find the colour comes out much much more using it on an eyeshadow base.

natural light - left: swatched on bare skin, right: on Urban Decay Primer Potion
natural light
artificial light


  1. Die Farbe sieht schön aus! Ich mag grüntöne allgemein gerne

  2. Hmmm... "Coral Kisses" hätte ich mir aber auch anders vorgestellt :-)))

  3. ja, die eyeshadows aus dieser kollektion sind wirklich schön. wer nicht unbedingt chanel haben muss, kann für die farben der frühjahrskollektion beruhigt auf artdeco umschwenken.
    coral kisses promo pic sieht eher aus wie mohnblumen-küsschen, aber was sollt's ;)


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