Aug 18, 2011

Chanel fall 2011 - teaser.

my recent order of the Chanel fall 2011 collection arrived this morning and i just quickly wanted to show you the group photo as a teaser of what this weekend will be all about:


the menu:

* Illusion d'Ombre cream eyeshadows in
* Joues Contrastes blush in #68 Rose Écrin

* Le Crayon Yeux in #70 Khaki Platine

* swatches of the new Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks

* Chanel White Essentiel Brightening & Smoothing Loose Powder.

as an appetizer you could check back my post about the 3 fall nail polishes here.

stay tuned!

a quick shopping tip:
except for the nailpolishes which i couldn't wait for and ordered somewhere else, i bought the rest from a perfume and cosmetics shop in Augsburg called Nägele.
the best part is that they offer 20% (or even 25%) discount for the whole product range from time to time. luckily these days too, so i could save about 40€ in total for my whole purchase. you can order via email, tell them what you need and your address and they will send it to you really quickly. free delivery for orders over 120€ value (so 100€ after the discount), below that they would charge 5€. you can pay via invoice or direct debit, weirdly no credit cards.
i have received a big package with many fabulous samples and the shopping experience was very nice, i will definitely get back to this great opportunity.
check their small webspace for contact data:


  1. Where did you buy it? I live in Spain and I want to know if I can do it. And all those samples ... I love also the Guerlain eye shadows.

  2. hi mar, i'm sorry, i don't know if it's available in spain yet, but in germany it's already out on many counters and in both online shops that sell chanel (douglas&pieper). i have ordered most of my stuff in a perfume/cosmetics shop and also on pieper.
    the guerlain palettes i bought on

  3. Thank you. I thouth you ordered chanel on one shop only.

  4. Da bin ich schon auf die Swatches sehr neugierig!
    LG :)

  5. Wo hast du denn das Chanel White Essentiel Brightening & Smoothing Loose Powder her? :)

  6. I really like this menu :) Can't wait to read your reviews, especially on the Rouge Allure Velvets.

  7. I'm sooo into Chanel right now... which is really bad :P

    I'm looking forward to some Velvet Lipstick swatches - and of course your reviews of the shadows!

    Khaki Platine is definitely on my list!

  8. ...habe so lange überlegt ob ich das Blush brauche...habe aber schon Rose ORchid und Pink Explosion - da dachte ich mir verkneifs dir....aber ist ja schon wunderschön! :D

    Liebste Grüße


  9. da bin ich mal gespannt auf deine meinung.
    bin auch latent schwach geworden und fiebere dem paketmann entgegen, der mir meine schätzchen der chanel fall le bringt.


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