Aug 11, 2011

Catrice Modern Muse / new range cream eyeshadows.

yesterday i went to look for some back to school/first day at school gifts for my nieces and incidentally met a relatively untouched display of Catrice's Modern Muse collection, so i can test the cream shadows anyway before they make their way into the permanent range.
i bought all three that i saw available there. each contains 5g and costs 3.49€.

#040 Lord Of The Blings

cute name for a metallic champagne shade with taupe tinge. it has a smooth and gliding consistency which reminds me of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows but applies less intense. it creates a shimmery glow on my lids, applies evenly and blends nicely. it lasts all day without creasing, which i find great for such an affordable product. i find it too light to use alone though, it needs some eyeliner to frame your eyes. it looks good as a brightening shade on the lower lashline. this is also an inexpensive alternative to Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit, only a little bit cooler.


Catrice Lord Of The Blings - Benefit Birthday Suit
Catrice Lord Of The Blings - Benefit Birthday Suit

#050 Metall Of Honour

is a rich dark brown with gold shimmer and sparkles. it has the worst texture of the three, quite firm and dry and feels like dough. it's hard to blend and applies rather dragging and uneven. for an intense result it needs either a lot of blending work or a lot of layering when you apply it in sheer layers. it's ok as a cream liner, doesn't smudge or give me the stamp-effect, so i will only use it for this purpose. it's darker and cooler than the other cream shadows i own.


MAC Constructivist - Catrice Metall Of Honour - Benefit Marry Up
MAC Constructivist - Catrice Metall Of Honour - Benefit Marry Up

#060 Jennifer's Goldrush

is a old gold colour with gold shimmer and gold and clear sparkle. it has a greenish tinge to it on my skin. it's the most shimmery of the 3 colours i bought. it has a nice slippery texture and doesn't feel gritty on the lids. the consistency reminds me of MAC Paint Pots, but more shimery than those. i find the colour a bit too brassy/cool and it looks weird on my skintone. i would rather use it as shimmery eyeshadow base to neutralize powder eyeshadows that are too mauve on me.
i don't have a comparable cream shadow in my stash.

these eyeshadows do set rather quickly and they last! here is how they look after an intense rub test, next to their high end lookalikes:

MAC Constructivist - Catrice Metall Of Honour - Benefit Marry Up - Catrice Lord Of The Blings - Benefit Birthday Suit - Catrice Jennifer's Goldrush

here you can see the cream shadows in action:

#040 Lord Of The Bling on the lid with Sigma SS217 and lower lashline with Sigma SS252, #050 Metall Of Honour as a cream liner with Sigma SS209

#060 Jennifer's Goldrush on the lid with Sigma SS217 and lower lashline with Sigma SS252, #050 Metall Of Honour with Sigma SS209 and smudged out.

overall i think it's great that drugstore brands start to make really long lasting cream eyeshadows and i like how Catrice starts off with a nice range of neutral and easy to wear shades instead of brights or pastels. if you want a dark brown for your lids though, skip the Metall Of Honour shade.


  1. gefallen mir alle sehr gut auf den bildern, hätte sie gern selber probiert, aber waren überall schon ausverkauft :(

  2. So pretty! I hope these would be available in Poland soon. I bought Essence cream eyeshadows form Ballerina Backstage LE recently and I'm totally in love with them. Hope these would be as good or even better!

  3. Hey, congrats you got them still! No creasing on you sounds better than I expected from them - I guess I'll be getting two rigth away then, Goldrush and LotB as I missed Birthday Suit by only a few hours when the benefit creamshadows (which I haven't tried yet) arrived on for ~7GBP.

  4. So surprised that it doesn't crease. Alot of cream eyeshadows (mid-end & high-end) crease with or without a primer underneath. Also, it's a drugstore product, which makes it even more unbelievable. Sounds like a great drugstore product, especially for the price!

  5. Gosh, I really wish that Catrice was as easily available in Austria as it is in Germany. :(

  6. Warum müssen die Farben, die mir am besten gefallen, eigentlich immer die schlechteste Textur haben? Ich finds aber gut, dass sie ins permanente Sortiment gehen und hoffe, dass auch noch irgendwann mal ungoldige Farben dazu kommen :)

  7. ich habe mir bis auf jennifer goldrush beide geholt. trägst du sie mit dem finger auf? ich hatte es mit dem essence blending pinsel versucht, das klappte supergut ...

  8. Wow! I hope they will be available in Spain in permanent stock :D

  9. No. I'm not gonna get these, not even powder eyeshadows last longer than four hours on my greesy lids...

    Your're not gonna get them, not gonna get them (Mantra to myself ;-))

    Did I get the right impression that you also have oily lids? May I ask which primer you use? I've tried Manhattan and ArtDeco and both are a waste of money.
    I'd love to read about your daily routine on how to prep for your eye make up!
    (hope you haven't posted about that yet, so I'd get caught being a terrible reader :-D)

    Congrats on getting towards 1000 readers! :-) I've been following yours since there were around 150, it's impressive how you've come along!


  10. thank you everyone!

    @2espresso: i didn't know about that website! thank you for telling me, i think i will check it out soon ;)

    @alexens: thank you so much for you sweet comment!
    yes, i also have oily lids and my crease fold only makes it worse. i have used the artdeco primer before, but since over 2 years i am using the Urban Decay Primer Potion. it's nice with powder eyeshadows!
    i don't use any lid-primer before cream eyeshadow, though. i think it makes the colours rather dull. i only make sure that there's no foundation on the eyelids before i apply cream shadows and apply evenly and sheerly with a mac 217-type brush in small swirling motions.
    hth ;)

  11. Wow, those colors are amazing. Thanks for the swatch

  12. hm.. ist jennifers goldrush nicht ähnlich wie Giorgio Armani #6 ??

  13. @peachbummy - nein, deutlich heller und goldener.


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