Aug 13, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 - Les Vernis.

finally the Chanel Fall 2011 collection is released in germany, so yesterday morning i ordered the 3 new nail polishes Quartz, Graphite and Péridot first because i knew that these will be sold out quickly and i really wanted to try them!
most items are becoming permanent, which is a nice concession for your budget. 
the collection is already online at at the moment and also out at many counters. i ordered mine on Pieper, and they were delivered after only one day.
everything was wrapped up very nicely and i also got a mini Chanel mascara to try among a few other samples.

there are a lot of different statements out there about which of the shades will stay permanent but i'm now on the safe side having all 3.
usually i don't love Chanel polishes for outstanding staying power (i only say: tip wear within 24h?! even Catrice lasts 4 days on me...) but they always do a great consistency that is easy to apply and most importantly: the colours are epic. must haves, landmarks of the season.
and i guess that must be the only reason for me to cave in again and again to pay whopping 23€ for 13ml.
i was really excited to open the box, i couldn't even decide which colour to wear first (so i put on all 3 to see ;P and then decide). unfortunately the sun just won't show up today, so i can only serve you cloudy-daylight-pics.
Chanel polishes have a double cap system and a thin round brush (i'd prefer a wide&flat one). these three applied really well and dried quickly to a glossy finish.

# 525 Quartz

Quartz is a shimmery light taupe colour with lots of clear iridescent sparkles. it's the most subtle colour out of the bunch and could be office appropriate. it applies evenly and has a great silvery shine. it's a rather sheer polish, i get the desired opacity with 2 coats.
i guess this is a great staple for this autumn.

#529 Graphite

Graphite is an awesome colour of a sheer greyish base with tons and tons of silver and steel grey iridescent shimmer and gold microglitter. it's so sparkly and doesn't look too metallic/foily. the gold microglitter makes this a beautiful complex colour and different from any other glittery/shimmery dark silvers i own. i'm surprised how much i like this colour, it's not too dark but not too reflective.
i wear it in 2 coats. it's easy to remove.

#531 Péridot

Péridot already looked stunning in the many promotion pictures and online swatches, but i couldn't believe how captivating this colour could even be in real life. this is nail orgasm for every polychrome-lover. the polish flashes from bronze gold to seafoam green and rich teal and has the most beautiful iridescent gold shimmer. it just glows on my nails. so beautiful and worship-worthy.
i love the glistening bronze gold shimmer, so in the end this is the shade i chose to keep on my nails (with Chanel Black Pearl as pedi). i wished they would do an eyeshadow like this ;)
it's completely opaque in 2 coats.

i'm quite positive that the drugstore brands are ready to release numerous dupes to these polishes, and from experience i know that they often do it quite well. so i guess you can wait some months and you'll get similar colours for a fraction of the price.
there is already a very promising dupe for Péridot out there, check to find out what i mean.


  1. Péridot **drool** Péridot (panting, tongue sticking out).
    I do hope you're right and drugstore brands are already working on a dupe.

  2. =O Neid!!! Ich will sie alle!
    LG, Micha

  3. ach..superschön :-)

    die ganze herbstkollektion gefällt mir so gut! zum glück sind viele sachen permanent!

  4. Wunderschön, besonders Graphite ♥ *haben-will* !!

  5. I just got Graphite and Peridot. Graphite looks goldish green on my nails indoors. Non of the gold/silvery pewter, grrrr. But under the sun it is more what other people and pics I've seen portray it to be. Must be my skintone that makes it look green :-(
    I am still on the fence about Peridot because on me the gold is dominant. Wish the green would show up more often lol.

  6. Peridot <3
    I also read on hedonism-ltd. that Golden Rose in Metallic 03 is a dead on dupe for it.
    As soon as I'll find an easy way to get my hands on the Golden Rose or the Sephora one - or some nice drugstore brand here sells it! - I'll be sure to pick this gorgeous shade up!

  7. Quartz & Graphite sind meine Farben!
    Peridot gefällt mir nicht ;/
    Danke fürs zeigen! Tolle Post :)
    Liebste Grüße :)

  8. Peridot und Graphite sehen klasse aus. Werde mir beide mal im Original anschauen gehen,wenn sie bei mir rauskommt


  9. Danke fuer die Verlinkung :D morgen kommt der Post mit dem ausfuehrlichen Vergleich... ich liebe Peridot *__*


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