Aug 22, 2011

I'm diggin' powders! Chanel White Essentiel Brightening & Smoothing Loose Powder.

i wanted to show you another loose powder from Chanel that i recently ordered on it's from their asian White Essentiel line and is called Chanel White Essentiel Brightening Translucent Loose Powder Glowing and Smoothing Effect (yeah, the asians get even longer product names than us lol).
since in asian countries the epitome of beauty is a pale, bright, flawless skin while it is the tanned, bronzey glowing skin in the occident, we don't come to enjoy this product line by Chanel.
albeit i'm not a fan of either extreme, the word "Smoothing" in the product description burnt this into my mind and as a powder-lover (check my "i'm digging powders!"-series) i had to try it :P
it's quite expensive compared to Chanel's regular loose powder, for only 10g i paid 67.99$.

the White Essentiel powder comes in a massive plastic tub similar to the the regular loose powder but with the same height like the Bronze Universel. unlike the classic range this product has a white screw top with silver logo instead of black&white.
it comes with a nice white pouf, the whole design is very clean and bright.
the powder that is inside has a pale pink colour and a beautiful, light fresh scent. it has a very fine texture, much finer than Chanel's regular loose powder.
looking close at it, you can see some shimmer bits loosely distributed in the powder, otherwise it seems completely satin-matte. but in the sunlight, you can see that it is made of ultrafine pearl particles. applied, the shimmer is not visible anymore, but it adds a soft, velvety sheen to my complexion.
the pale pink colour really creates some minimal lightening effect to my skin and the spf 15 and licorice root extract in it should help to really brighten the skin to a certain extend or at least help to prevent it getting darker.
my skin is about NC20-25 in MAC right now, the powder doesn't look chalky pale on me but becomes almost translucent on my skin.
the fine powder is really easy to apply and to spread, i only need a very small amount for my whole face. i apply it with my Lunasol Powder Brush N. it has a velvety glowing finish and doesn't emphasize on dry flakes. it doesn't set into pores or fine lines and really helps to refines the appearance of my skin, especially on my cheeks and forehead this powder works wonders!
after a few hours the powder would melt with my natural skin oils, it's not a specific mattifying powder. i don't get greasy-shiny though, rather dewy-shiny.
overall, one more excellent powder by Chanel - quite pricey but the smooth result is amazing. it really does what it promises.

note how the skin area where i blended out the powder looks smoother and a tad bit brighter than the rest.


only foundation and brows done - with eye make up & Chanel White Essentiel powder

the light conditions were different when i took the photos. surely the Chanel powder adds some brightening effect, but it's not at all as intense as the colour difference on the pictures. you can sense the velvety soft finish, though.


  1. Interesting, I still need to get the regular ones!

  2. wow! looks fantastic!

  3. this was a nice read <3 (as usual)
    thanks a lot for sharing this - i love it when you review stuff we don't have here...

    ...mach weiter so :-)


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