Aug 21, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 - Joues Contraste in #68 Rose Écrin.

of course i also bought the blush launched with the fall 2011 look by Chanel. it's a Joues Contraste blush called #68 Rose Écrin.
the european version of these blushes are baked and contain 4g while the version available in north america is usually pressed and contains 6g. i haven't tried a pressed Joues Contraste before, but i heard that this formulation is softer and more pigmented than what we are used to in europe.

about 10 years ago i bought my first high end blush and made the mistake to choose a JC by Chanel. even though it was nicely packaged and had a divine scent, the pigmentation was so meh that i haven't even considered to buy expensive make up anymore for about 7 years. there surely was some improvement since then, my two newer JCs (Espiègle and Pink Explosion) definitely have a nice pigmentation - but they will always stay the sheer kind of blushes, at least in europe.

it's hard to understand that Chanel marketing thinks the european women want these lower amounts and inferior quality. initially i wanted to order this blusher from Maureen in the US-pressed-version, but when i heard that our version this time has a decent quality and good colour payoff, i decided to order it here.

it was part of my Nägele order, so i could save 20% on it and paid about 29€ for it instead of 37€.
it comes in a velvet pouch, the compact is as bulky and unattractive as always, but became a classic. the brush that comes with it once more proves to be reliably crap.

but let's just concentrate on the pan with that pretty dome of blush.
Rose Écrin is a neutral mauvy rose with low satin shimmer. it is a great colour for a nude look, it's so subtle and natural that it goes with a lot of different looks and skin tones. on me, it's a very natural flush with a soft sheen and almost creates a sculpting effect.
it has a silky texture and the signature rose scent that i like so much with the JC blushes. it has a rather sheer pigmentation but a good product-pay-off. it applies and blends evenly and the colour is very buildable, albeit i prefer the very sheer application for a barely-there-look with this blusher. it melts into my skin nicely without looking chalky but there also is no oxidation whatsoever. the colour lasts on me all day.
i'm glad that i don't own a dupe to this in my large collection although the colour seems so familiar and almost bland in the pan. it's a good everyday colour and i imagine it will look great on winter skin.

Chanel Rose Écrin in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blusher - with Chanel Rose Écrin


Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10 - Chanel Rose Écrin
Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10 - Chanel Rose Écrin
next to Rose Écrin, GA Sheer Blush #10 looks quite warm and peachy.

if you want more reviews of Chanel's Fall 2011 collection, please check this post.


  1. Looks gorgeous, will definitely check this one out!

  2. Wunderschöner Farbton mit dem dezenten Schimmer, sieht ganz toll aus und steht dir auch super! :)

  3. Mag die JC sehr sehr gerne - auch wenn sie manchmal wirklich sheer sind! Habe pink explosion, brume d'or, in love, und rose orchid - deshalb habe ich bis heute versucht rose ecrin nicht mitzunehmen...aber es fällt schon schwer!

    Finde einfach die Blushes sind idiotensicher!!!

    Liebste ´Grüße


  4. wunderschöne Farbe!
    Aber für mich vieeeel zu hell..leider ;/
    LG :)

  5. I think espiegle from the spring collection was the US version - it had the brush with the brown bristles and seemed more powdery.

    I want this colour but i wonder is it similar to the cheek colour in the chantecaille fall palette that I really want - I'll have to wait and see!!! thanks!

  6. This will be my next blush purchase!!

  7. Hatte nie Interesse an den Joues Contrastes genau aus diesem Grund. Dazu kommt noch, dass sie so viel Platz für das grottige Pinselchen einräumen - also nee! Getragen sieht das Rouge aber zauberhaft an dir aus. (:

    Unrelated: habe erst vor ein paar Tagen kapiert, was du immer mit dem ominösen "tihilw" ausdrücken willst... d'oh! : D


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