Jun 30, 2011

Catrice Out Of Space collection - a dupe for Chanel Rose Platine?

i discovered the new LE display of Catrice some days ago, the new futuristic collection is called Out Of Space. i bought two items to try, a nail polish and a gel eyeliner.

the gel eyeliner is called C03 Silver's Shuttle, a medium shimmery silver. there was one more colour (a shimmery champagne) that interested me, but it was sold out.
it contains 2.2g and cost about 3.95€.
i really like the packaging, it comes in a glass jar with a reflecting silver lid with a holographic design on it.
the consistency is a lot harder than their regular gel liners, it's like a buttery cream. the texture is not very smooth because of the microglitter particles, but when i coat my eyeliner brush well it applies evenly and builds up to an opaque finish easily. i like to wear it a bit sheer on the lower lashline thanks to its light catching qualities, the shade is too light for me to frame my upper lashline. by giving a cool toned shine it really reminds me of Chanel's Rose Platine eyeliner but the Chanel liner is more complex and tan because of its copper sparkle bits so it blends in your skin colour more beautiful. the effect on the lower lash line is almost comparable, though. i think this is a good affordable alternative to Chanel Rose Platine for everyone who missed it. the longevity is good, but not as good as with Chanel - the rub test shows it impressively.

this is how it looks worn:

i'm wearing it on the outer half of the lid and on the lower lashline.

comparison to Chanel Rose Platine

Catrice Silver's Shuttle left - Chanel Rose Platine right

after the rub-test:
Catrice is almost completely faded while Chanel still goes strong.

the nail polish is called C02 Houston's Favourite, a dark navy base colour with tons of teal shimmer and microglitter. it contains 9ml and costs 2.49€. it has the same flat wide brush as the regular nail polishes by Catrice. the texture is good, it applies evenly and streak-free. drying time is average but because of the sparkling bits it dries down to a rather dull finish which requires a shiny top coat. i already had very apparent tip wear after 1 day.

Jun 29, 2011

erm... Kosmetik Kosmo.

Kosmetik Kosmo is the online shop of a german youtuber, she also has some own products sold on there. normally i don't sympathise with this youtuber's-shop-thing, especially when i notice intensive self-promotion on the youtuber's social media platforms.
from trustworthy sources i have heard that these particular products i ended up to purchase have a decent quality, so i drifted from my reluctance to order from such shops - well, with cosmetics my flesh is usually weak even when the will is strong :P
when browsing the online shop i was happy to find very good swatches/pictures and thorough information on each product, as well as some videos where the youtuber showed some looks created with the products and how they look applied.
i especially wanted to try their own brand's gold eyeshadows on my search for a good NARS Etrusque dupe. and since i was curious about this brush in particular for a long time anyway, it was allowed to hop into my shopping basket ;)
i paid about 4€ for the delivery, my order came with UPS within 3 working days.

i ordered two eyeshadows in refill pan form, they contain 1.5g and cost 3.99€ each (while the compact costs 4.99€) and are the same size as MAC pans (26mm in diameter). they are not magnetic, so i had to stick magnets on the bottom to keep them in my MAC palette. i ordered the shades "Braungold" (brown gold) and "Grüngold" (green gold) from the metallic line.

Braungold is a very intense honey  gold shade that reminds me of curcuma or curry powder. it has a strong red gold shimmer and is a really really warm shade.

here i'm wearing it on the inner 2/3 of the lid:

Grüngold is a cool gold with a green tint, it pulls more like a chartreuse on me. it has a metallic finish.

i'm wearing Grüngold on the inner half of the lid:

both eyeshadows are smooth and have a velvety feel. they are softly pressed and the product pay-off from the pan is rather high. i find that the Grüngold shades tends to ball up a bit more than Braungold. the pigmentation level is high for both shades, although Braungold is especially opaque. both shades apply evenly and blend out well. fall out is very little. on a good base these shades last all day on me without creasing. these are good eyeshadows but i don't know if the non-metallic shades also have the same quality, at least they appear more sheer from the shop-swatches.
oh, and both are NO dupes to NARS Etrusque (but you will get a proper comparison later ;)).

the brush is a blush brush from the KK brand - it's called Rouge Rosi and costs 10.99€. i really dislike the name. it's a limited edition version with pink bristles (these brushes once were limited to 1000 pieces (like a year ago), i have No. 129/1000 but i don't know what the matter is with this when they still haven't sold out yet...). it's handmade in germany - i don't think this should be a major buying argument especially with brushes though.

it's a rather big size for a blush brush, comparable to the size of my MAC 129. it has a round shape which is nice to blend in your blushes with the brush tip in circular motions. i find it too big to place your blush colour precisely.
i only ordered the LE version because i think white goat hair is softer than dark. it's made of pink dyed white goat hair, it's quite soft and feels smooth on the face. it's fluffy but densely packed and has a good flexibility. it's suited for sheer blushes that you can apply on bigger areas since the goat hair picks up a good amount of product (when compared to squirrel hair). i initially wanted this brush to use as a small powder brush, it acts well in that function, too.
i have washed it a few times now, although it fluffed out a bit, it didn't bleed out pink dye. it lost about 10 hairs until now, nothing major. it doesn't smell and the handle quality is also good. so overall it's a very good brush for the money.



to regular blush brushes:
MAC 116 - Kosmetik Kosmo Rouge Rosi - A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blush Brush - MakeUpShow Blush Brush H02
MAC 116 - Kosmetik Kosmo Rouge Rosi - A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blush Brush - MakeUpShow Blush Brush H02
to round brushes:
Hakuhodo 210 - MAC 109 - Trish McEvoy Face Blender #48 - ÍPSA Brush 2 - Kosmetik Kosmo Rouge Rosi - Essence Blush Brush - Hakuhodo Large Pointed Yachiyo
Hakuhodo 210 - MAC 109 - Trish McEvoy Face Blender #48 - ÍPSA Brush 2 - Kosmetik Kosmo Rouge Rosi - Essence Blush Brush - Hakuhodo Large Pointed Yachiyo

Jun 28, 2011

are these the best brushes ever? - and a great great great blog!!

i've been splurging big time on some brushes over the last months. let me warn you that this post won't cover the review for them - it's more like a preview for the next few days.
these are RMK and ÍPSA brushes, japanese brands.
but to tell you about how i discovered them, i have to introduce a blog to you first.

i want to tell you about this fantastic blog i have been reading all the time over the last month:
Ars Aromatica.
i don't know why i just recently discovered this blog although it exists since 2008. Dain, one of the authors of this blog probably is in the top 3 most competent persons that i've came across so far when it comes to ... well, anything beauty-related. reading her blog opened my eyes in many ways, it's like reading in a really good book about beauty.
if you seriously want to know the real basics about make up i strongly recommend you this blog.
i can't say enough good things about Ars Aromatica - it felt to me like when i discovered Lisa Eldrigde on youtube. like you found a gold nugget in the mass of pebbles. her "The Beauty Primer" series simply is genius. period.
for example i have enjoyed her post about make up brushes soo much - the best article i have read about this topic ever.
if you want to follow this blog, you can subscribe to her posts via atom or use the "follow" tag on your blogger navigation bar (i can't find GFC or Bloglovin' on your blog, Dain).

ok, back to the brushes: i came across the RMK brushes and Chikuhodo as a well known japanese brush manufacturer through Dain's post on brushes, i browsed the official website of Chikuhodo a bit and was really tempted to order their top-notch Z-Series brushes. they produce brushes for RMK, Shiseido, Kanebo, SUQQU (which i wanted anyway) and many other high end brands. unfortunately i can't speak or read japanese and the google translator doesn't help much when it comes to search for the contact form to order...
so i thought: well, i could buy some OEM brushes from them to try and since SUQQU is incredibly expensive (about 180£ for the face brush :( - i'll get 'ya someday! i would have bought them if Selfridges London wouldn't charge 56£ only for the shipping and they were sold at a much higher price point on ichibankao.com (for example the face brush would be ~300€) - but this is another topic) i went for RMK - the brushes look great on every online pic anyway.
then i found another online store that offers japanese high end brands and most important: these brushes at a reasonable price (about 50$ per brush on an average) - they ship for free on orders over 30$. they have tons of other cool stuff - check out bonboncosmetics.com!.
RMK is also sold in the UK, i have often seen their products on popular uk-online shops (but never the brushes -.-) and Wayne Goss (Gossmakeupartist on youtube) had mentioned their products many times.
let me tell you for now that these brushes are serious  - i would rate them on the same level as the luxury brushes by Hakuhodo, maybe slightly above Trish McEvoy, a mile above most brushes by MAC. the japanese know about their artisanry!
prepare for a few brush-posts in the next days ;)

if you have tried them or these brands in general, please leave a comment so we can talk a bit ;)

Jun 27, 2011

some recent Notd's

today just a quick post on some of my recent manicures.
i know the "ring-finger-thing" is an old number, but since i can never decide for one colour alone, i really like to do it ;)


OPI In My Back Pocket & Seche Vite


Rival de Loop #51 + Catrice In The Bronx (ze?) on ring finger + Seche Vite

or in another version:

Rival de Loop #51 + Estée Lauder Extravagant Pearl on ring finger + Seche Vite


Estée Lauder Surreal Violet + MAC Bad Fairy on ring finger + Seche Vite


frankenpolish + on ring finger: 1 layer Essence Juicy Orange + 1 layer P2 Fever + Seche Vite


Becca Tangerine Dreams + MAC Soirée on ring finger + Seche Vite

you see i really enjoy to wear nail polish non stop ;)

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