Dec 15, 2011

Cargo Prague.

today is about Cargo Prague blush. Prague is a permanent shade and available at (for german customers), i also bought it on there some months ago when they expanded their blush selection.
Prague is a matte rosewood colour, a mixture of brown, rose and purple. it looks quite boring and unappealing in the pan, but is actually a very versatile shade. of course it houses in the silver tin and also contains 8.9g at 18.50€/15.57£ (there was a slight price increase recently, they were 18.10€ before).
it has a really fine and silky texture and applies evenly with no blotches. it has high pigmentation and blends beautifully, the superb texture creates a refined skin illusion with soft, translucent colour.
the rosy brown is a subtle and natural cheek colour for everyday wear, the colour sculpts the cheeks softly and could serve well as a contour colour if warmer browns or greyish browns don't work for you.

see my Cargo Blush collection overview to get to more reviews.

 Cargo Prague in natural light: swatched heavily & blended out


without blush - with Cargo Prague


Cargo Prague - MAC Blushbaby
Cargo Prague - MAC Blushbaby

compared to Prague, Burberry Earthy Blush is a true taupe/brown, Tonga is lighter and more pink and MAC Blushbaby is more reddish.


  1. It does look a bit like Nars Douceur, doesn't it? :)

  2. @néphèle: now that you said it: definitely! unfortunately i don't own Douceur to compare...

  3. This is a very nice color for all day wear, but already own blushbaby.

  4. This color is so pretty and natural! It suits you really well. I seriously need to try Cargo!!

  5. I have never tried Cargo blush, but I love MAC Blushbaby and want a longer lasting version. Thanks for the great swatches!

  6. this is nice. I wish I had a job and lived in Germany! xx
    chocolate closet

  7. All of your Cargo posts makes me want to try some for myself. XD This one looks so pretty! I really like how it serves as both a blush and a contour!

  8. For ONCE I prefer the mac to the cargo...but...they are different enough to justify having both aren't they?


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