Aug 21, 2012

favourites of the last months.

i haven't done a "favourites" post in ages, so this one not only features recent loves, but also some long time faves from the last 3 to 4 months or so.


i've been through a wild skincare journey this year. my skin was totally bonkers from the stress of my exams (resulting in an unhealthy diet and sleep circle and capricious hormonal activity), the last weeks i enjoyed this simple combo:

1 - Kosé Medicated Sekkisei - 360ml/71$.
is a good toner that i use as softener (dabbed/slapped on with the hands rather than used as a after-cleanse with a cotton pad) to bring extra moisture to the skin. i used it the last 6 months or so, some weeks of experimenting with other softeners inbetween. i didn't notice a big whitening effect, but it adds a lot of moisture to my skin, making it lush and bright. i prefer it to other softeners i tried (with hyaluronic acid for example) since this one sinks in completely free of any residues or film (unlike those mentioned before) and feels fresh and clean. the herbal scent needs to get used to. surprisingly my skin got along with this really well, although it does contain alcohol while it couldn't cope with heavy duty softeners such as Clinique's or Neutrogena's. i sometimes combine with moisturising serums or just use it as hydrator alone under a silicone based serum or facial oil.

2 - La Roche-Posay Effaclar K - 30ml/12€.
a moisturiser/treatment i started few weeks ago out of despair, i use this morning and night. my skin was just in a horrible state and for many people, this seems to be a big help. well, it's not moisturising enough for my skin oily skin, even in the summer, but i wanted to stay consistent and loyal to this product for at least 2 months to see full results. my skin seems to have regulated itself, it produces less sebum, i get less break outs, the pores became smaller.

3 - Olay Regenerist Resurfacing Night Elixir - 50ml/25€.
this product was sent to me by PR for consideration.
a gentle chemical peel with glycolic acid. this is my current overnight-exfoliator (i used Paula's Choice before but ran out), i use it about 4-5 nights a week. dark scarring from bad pimples fade quicker and my skin is softer and brighter overall.

__________base makeup__________

1 - Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush - £24.
the incredibly flawless finish this brush gives in combination with the Le Métier de Beauté Classic Flawless Finish Foundation is simply amazing. i just fell in love with it after i tried it with said foundation few months ago although i own the LY34 for over 2 years now. this brush is not as perfect with other foundations than the LMdB and vice versa, the LMdB is not as perfect when applied with other brushes.

2 - BeautyBlender - 15€.
what more to say about this long term staple of mine? was it ever not in my faves? anyhow, love it for the lighter foundations. feels fresh, is easy. better than any dupes.

3 - Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 30ml/£12.
once again, my skin got to a weird state when most foundations don't want to melt nicely into it but just sit around on the surface looking grainy and cakey. luckily in Bourjois' Healthy Mix i've found one that looks amazing on. it's exactly the amount of moisture my skin needs at the moment, so it evens out and refines my skin texture and has this healthy shine that makes me look like i had a good skin day. it has sufficient coverage but feels lightweight. even without setting powder it looks nice on me for about 6-7 hours in this hot weather.

4 - Le Métier de Beauté Classic Flawless Finish Foundation - 30ml/68$/£55/~70€.
i reviewed this foundation just a few weeks ago. it's big love, guys. flawless finish, great shade (the peachy undertone flatters my complexion so much!), longlasting. i can't wish for more.

5 - Dior Capture Totale High Definition Radiance Loose Powder - 11g/60€.
very fine powder that merges beautifully with the foundation (especially with the LMdB - together with the Louise Young brush these might be my holy trinity foundation-wise for 2012) and the skin. it has nice blurring qualities and smoothes your skin surface right after application. but about an hour later, the skin looks purely stunning. lush and healthy, as if you had 100% perfect skin and just applied a moisturizer. almost impossible, i even had to look twice into the magnifying mirror. glad that i rediscovered it after forgetting about it for a long time.

6 - Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush - ~205€.
this is not just expensive, it's insanely expensive. but i don't regret it at all. honestly, i even prefer this to the legendary SUQQU Face Brush for face powder application. i owe the few of you, who are seriously thinking about purchasing one of these, a detailed review.


1 - Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel - 30g/41€.
sparingly used, this is perfect to bronze up the skin while giving some coverage at the same time. i like it for "cream-products-only" days when my skin feels dry, it has a very authentic glow.

2 - Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream - 8.5g/£36/~45€.
great bronzer. natural result and so easy to use since it almost blends on its own.

3 - Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Blush Kit - 14g/£75/~95€.
i've been playing with all the different layering possibilities of this one. it's fun and the results are lovely. more on that in a future review.

4 - Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Bucolique in Bucolic Blossoms - 11g/43€. LE.
i showed you how i use this finishing powder as highlighter in my ulzzang makeup tutorial. it contains different pale pastels to antagonize dullness, redness or sallowness in the skin. i just love that it's basically a correcting powder palette, you can use the colours mixed together but also each on its own for a selective effect. and it looks so gorgeous! i always fall for Givenchy's sprinkled powder designs.

5 - Burberry Light Glow No.07 Earthy Blush - 7g/38€.
p.e.r.f.e.c.t. cheek contour shade for me, the texture is divine.

__________cheek brushes a.k.a. the black beauties__________

using over 750€ worth in brushes only for the cheek area - that's brush decadence, condensed to the highest level. but please don't judge, i just live once ;)
i'm an extra bad evil blogger since i often declare my love for these treasures but even haven't given them a proper review on here yet, oops ^^
these brushes are soooo good. *pets Chikuhodo Z-9, tilts head back, rolls the eyes and sighs...* you can imagine that i have this typical brush-reviewer orgasm right at this moment. no seriously, it's that good.

1 - Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder Brush - ~205€.
i apply powder bronzer to the perimeters of my face with this brush. it replaces the Paula Dorf Powder Brush i always used, but is like 10 times better (not to defame the Paula Dorf brush, it's an amazing tool!).

2 - SUQQU Face Brush - ~230€.
this icon is degraded to occasional contouring or blushing work now. need to find a bigger task for it but the shape is awesome for first-layer-contouring (--> ulzzang makeup tutorial).

3 - Chikuhodo Z-2 Highlight Brush - ~100€.
this is both perfect for contouring (when i used the SUQQU Face Brush, this does the second layer.) and highlighting. 

4 - Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush - ~100€.
my first Chikuhodo, i'm lucky to have snatched it at bargain price & perfect condition in a blogsale (forevermore, i'll be thankful that Kate is so minimalistic and reasonable). i've never not-used it for blush since its first wash at my home.

5 - SUQQU Cheek Brush - ~110€.
my former blush brush love plays the role as layering brush now. it puts a beautiful sheer veil of fine shimmer over already blushed cheeks.


1 - Maybelline Cream Eyeshadows in On and on Bronze and Permanent Taupe - 8€.
very good drugstore cream shadows, the colours are lovely (On and on Bronze) and unique (Permanent Taupe).

2 - Rouge Bunny Rouge Longlasting Eyeshadow in Periwinkle Cardinal - 2.4g/£22/28€/34$.
my favourite summer-colour for this year. a bit out of my comfort zone but still super wearable and easy to combine.

3 - Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in No.22 Pale Barley -2.5g/25€.
this must be one of my favourite eyeshadows of all time. so pretty. sooo good.

4 - L'Oreal Color Infallible in Magnetic Coral - 3.5g/£7. LE.
very out of my comfort zone, it's not only not-neutral but colourful, it's even a red-tone. makes it all the more exciting!

5 - MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack - 3g/19€.
i've tried a few other ones but still always come back to my trusty, old (literally, i need a new one.) Blacktrack. i only use it for the upper waterline&tightlining. on the lids, i have some transferring issues with this.

6 - Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eye Shadow in #28 - 4g/30€.
well on the way to become an all time fave. love the almost glossy, complex pinky-bronze glimmer.

7 - MAC Nail Lacquer in Soirée - 10ml/13€.
i really enjoyed the contrast of foil shimmer and smooth creme finish in a half moon ruffian manicure (like here), this was my favourite base to go with deep navy, black purple and so on.

8 - K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner - ~12€.
best black liquid liner i've ever used. very precise, very easy to manoeuvre, very good staying power.

9 - K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow - ~16€.
this liquid brow pen was like an epiphany to me. made my brows look neater than ever.

10 - Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in #52 Génie - 8g/30€.
great peach gloss for soft colour and sheer, but even coverage without creeping into lip lines. i really like the texture of these.

__________eyeshadow palettes__________

of course i loved my eyeshadow palettes as well, the stars amongst them are SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow and Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs, of each i own 4 (wouldn't mind to get the whole range, though!).

still need to review these SUQQU gems! i have:

01 Kakitsubata
03 Matsukasa
04 Keshizumi
06 Ginbudou

each 6.5g/£45/~57€

at least i have reviews for these ;)

#2 Place Vendôme
#29 Rue de Sèvres
#68 Champs Élysées
#93 Rue de Passy

each 7.2g/74€

__________eye brushes__________

1 - Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush - ~65€
so smooth, so soft! it's unimportant what colour it applies, this is a treat for the lids.

2 - SUQQU Eye Brush L - ~65€
same here as above. as good as it gets.

3 - SUQQU Eye Brush M - ~65€
again, incredibly luxurious feel. amazing for the outer corner/other detail work.

4 - Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush - £32/~40€.
this is also one of my all time favourite tools. i haven't found a better (in terms of effectivity) blending brush than this. everyone needs an Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush in their life.
♪♫ i wanna be a billionaire, so f*cking bad. buy all of my readers Edward Bess... ♪♫

5 - Hakuhodo G5529BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round  - 21$.
for a long time, i didn't have a proper use for this, but now it's my Aegyo Sal brush and i'd never want to miss it again! i was lucky to already own the right tool when i started contouring my Aegyo Sal (--> ulzzang makeup tutorial). and what's nicer than a blue squirrel brush extra for this 0.2cm² of skin?

6 - Hakuhodo K005 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat - 18$.
is there a step up from perfect? because only that could describe how this brush relates to the upper waterline/tightlining.

__________honourable mentions__________

there are some other products that i liked or haven't used long enough to include with the real favourites ;)

1 - Louise Young LY31 Angled Brow Sable - £13.
trusty brow brush. i'm so used to this brush that i haven't even looked around for a better alternative. will get the Chikuhodo Z-6 though.

2 - MAC 242 Shader Brush - 27€.
workhorse lay-down brush. handles those hybrid eyeshadows like Giorgio Armani or Chanel Illusion d'Ombres very well. however, i must change to Shu Uemura's Sable and Kolinsky brushes as soon as possible. (The Black Panties' arguments are mouthwatering)

3 - Trish McEvoy #29 Tapered Blending Brush - 32$.
perfect shape for a quick and easy outer V/crease shading, it does all the work for you.

4 - Le Métier de Beauté Concealer Brush - £42/~53€.
haven't used it often enough, i always forget to about it (it's so short and gets lost in my brush stand) and quickly blend with my fingers or Hakuhodo 212. the times i did, surprisingly i really enjoyed this classic shape. it's almost something new to me since i already started out with the fluffy brushes back then.

5 - MAC 181 Small Kabuki - 40€. LE.
this is the old version of this brush (not the scratchy crappy SE version that came with various Mineralize Kits). exceptionally soft (for MAC) and good quality. its only use is for the Chanel cream bronzer, but this job it does quite well.

6 - Hakuhodo G5552 4mm Powder & Liquid Brush round/angled - 45$.
this is like your-fingers-but-heaps-better for cream blush. loved the combo G5552 ♥ Nars Cactus Flower on those "cream-products-only" days.

7 - Yves Rocher Watercolour Effect Blush in Corail Nude -7ml/3€. LE.
i was on the stain-train for a while, then proceeded to the Glossy Stains and the sort. but the simple liquid/gel stains are still best for a natural, fresh look --> ulzzang makeup tutorial.

__________special favourites__________

i love my new layout! i'm so happy that everything looks like i wanted and i did it all myself. still want to change the appearance of the search box and email-subscription box, sigh... (can anyone help?).
i'm so relieved that blogger now includes the "open in new tab" function in the editor when one includes links, so i don't need to insert target="_blank" into the html code every time! (have i mentioned that html is my hate of the month?)

on another note:

♥♥♥ THANK YOU! ♥♥♥

you're awesome. LEGEN...wait for it...DARY.

a big, big, BIG love: my new camera set up. i got it as small reward for graduation (i chose camera over iPad). not only does it push me to get creative and finally make good use out of the functions of a DSLR (i was always to lazy and reluctant to look into such stuff when i used the 500D from my brother), it also is a big help for blogging. the tripod, the RC release and the tilty-swively screen make self-portraits and eye makeup close-ups so much easier.
i really enjoy photography now. downside: lenses are far more expensive than makeup/brushes. therefore the photography budget rivals with my makeup budget. only loser: me, because i want it all.)

for those who are interested, i use a Canon 600D/Rebel T3i.
RC release: Canon RC-6
lenses: Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS, Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, Sigma DG 70-300mm 1:4-5.6
tripod: Joby Gorillapod Hybrid

my biggest favourite of the year (or maybe the last 7 years? ^^) is to finally graduate from med school. woohoo! i treated myself to the Chikuhodo brushes if you wondered XD

what made you happy?

EDIT: quick note on the short RSS feeds issue: it seems like email-subscription still gives you full feed length. maybe that's an alternative to normal RSS?


  1. hi :)
    ich hab den post noch nicht komplett gelesen, aber muss direkt einen kommentar abgeben zu effaclar k.
    es ist ja auch keine feuchtigkeitscreme. es ist eine austrocknende creme, da sie gezielt gegen spätakne ist. die hat mir durch meine schlimmste haut geholfen. etwas moisturizen soll sie nicht, ganz im gegenteil. ich weiß nich, wer dir sowas erzählt hat, ehrlich gesagt.


    1. also eine mischung aus wasser, emulgatoren und silikone ist für mich eine simple creme. dass es nicht feuchtigkeitsspendend ist, ist 'ne andere sache (das schaffen auch cremes, die als solches gekennzeichnet sind). dass es aber auch ein treatment ist, habe ich ja dazu geschrieben ;)

    2. das hast du in der tat dazu geschrieben :) also in meinen augen ist das wirklich keine feuchtigkeitscreme, ich hab wirklich eine fürchteliche haut gehabt und habe mir dann gesagt: komm, probier mal effaclar k und wenn das nix wird - gehse zum hautdoc. und ohne witz, innerhalb von 3 tagen, ist alles so dermaßen zurückgegangen, dass ich in meinen schlimmen zeiten nur noch darauf schwöre. sie schält ja die haut regelrecht ab, da ist wohl irgendeine säure drin, deswegen habe ich sie auch nur für über nacht verwendet. und hach. so toll. mein wundermittelchen <3


    3. ja, früher war Milchsäure enthalten, seit 2011 wurde es durch Salizylat und Retinol ersetzt.

  2. As many of your readers I assume, I really would love to see a full review on the Suqqu Cheek & Face brushes :) May I also please ask, where from did you get hold of them? I know Selfridge's do accept international orders but only over the phone, not online, however they charge an insane amount of money to have the products sent to you.


    1. hi M, i bought my Suqqus at, an onlineshop that has sadly closed it doors now. they had fair prices (selfridges-level) but shipping was very moderate. ships Suqqu for free, but their prices are 50% more expensive than at selfridges, so in the end you pay even more.
      i also have spoken to the Suqqu SA at selfridges london on the phone, the shipping costs £56 or so. o.O

  3. ♥-liche Glückwünsche zur Prüfung! :)

  4. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!! zur Bestandenen Prüfung! Ich wusste gar nicht, dass du in Sachsen studiert hast! Jetzt bist du gleich 1000mal so sympathisch. <3

    1. Vielen, vielen Dank Connü! aber warum sind Sachsen denn sympathischer ;) ? kommst du auch von "hier"?

    2. Jup :D. Irgendwie hab ich noch nie bei einer Beauty Bloggerin gesehen, dass sie aus Sachsen ist. Du bist da echt die erste und wahrscheinlich die, von der ich es am wenigsten erwartet hätte.

  5. Congratulations for your diploma, it must have been so hard! I enjoy reading these kind of posts and I have missed them, although everything is far too expensive for me. New layout is also awesome, as it is your new camera. By the way, what field of medicine did you choose?

    Kisses :*

    1. thanks so much Emma! i graduated as physician only, without any specific notes. there are about 5 more years to come where i work as assistant physician to specialize. i will go for ENT most probably.

  6. It's super HOT in Germany these 2 days... I'm almost dying in sweat.
    My makeup just turns into nothing after 4 hours (although I have really dry skin).

    need to find a good foundation...

    and i just love your new camera stand!

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom
    Facebook: Miss Kwong From Catwalk to Classroom

    1. i'm melting away, too. surprisingly, my oily skin is in its driest state ever in these hot days! so it keeps the foundation quite well, i'm not greasy as usual.
      thanks! this tripod is a really affordable one, very light and easy to bring with you. however it's just this tiny.

  7. Wundervolle Lieblinge!
    Und das wichtigste : HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH! WOW!
    Liebste Grüße

  8. This post is divine! I only have time to scroll through the photos and post a short comment, but I will be back. The new blog layout is an absolute pleasure as well. By the way, thank you for your kind words in your email response of 1-2 months ago, and for sharing some of your personal story on your "About Me" post. It was touching, and above all, brave. I haven't been commenting as much as I used to as I haven't been able to articulate myself to you in a way I like enough to click "publish". I was and am touched by your kindness of spirit and gentleness. Grr. I still can't express how I feel. It's like the "feeling" slips through the cracks of my consciousness and into my heart when I try to grasp hold of it, to examine it, so as to put words or a name to it. Maybe this is how I'm supposed to experience it. Yes... to simply experience it and not to label it.

    Trang, we barely know each other, but you've touched me in a way I can't describe. I'm not even sure if it was something you wrote that directly affected me or if it triggered thoughts that are making me feel this way. I thank you all the same. At the risk of coming across as a crazy person, I think I'll make the leap and publish this comment. I'm glad you're blogging again. Huge congratulations for completing medical school. This was a post on favourites in the last months; I wish you incredible joy and more favourites in the many to come. *hug*

    1. oh god, i feel like i'm the luckiest person on earth to have such great readers - no, it feels like friends - as you are. i'm so touched by the kindness you bring to me and your deep and true support. it just melts my heart!

  9. ps Goodness, that was certainly *not* as short comment! :)

  10. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu der Prüfung - ich kann mir vorstellen wie toll das sein muss endlich so ein Papierchen in der Hand zu haben =)
    Ich hoffe ich schaff das auch irgendwann mal (auch wenn es dann "nur" ein zahnmedizinisches wäre) :D

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke JuJu! Ich wünsch' dir auch viel Erfolg im Zahni-Studium ;) Ich selbst hatte ja durch ein PJ-Tertial in der MKG ein wenig Erfahrung im gemeinsamen Fach sammeln dürfen - sehr interessant!

  11. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nochmal zur bestandenen Prüfung und danke für diesen Post. Mal wieder sehr interessant und inspirierend.

    Ich hab eine kleine Frage (hoffe, dass die nicht zu negativ aufgenommen wird ;D) Ich sehe dass du deine Prüfung in Sachsen gemacht hast, würdest du eig von dir behaupten, dass du einen leichten sächsischen Dialekt hast? Manchmal erwisch ich mich, wie ich leicht berliner, aber ansonsten würde ich sagen, dass ich das typische berliner Hochdeutsch spreche :D Ist die Frage zu persönlich?? ^^ würde mich einfach ungemein interessieren.

    1. danke dir!
      haha, ja ich glaub das hört man manchmal raus bei mir. also eher inhaltlich als ein wirklicher dialekt. ich finde sächsisch ganz leicht abtörnend, deswegen versuche ich darauf zu achten immer schön hochdeutsch zu sprechen. (zwÖlf und nicht zwelf etc.) ich habe mich aber todgekringelt, als mein sohn damals eines tages aus dem kindergarten kam und "Guden Doog!" sagte XD

  12. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Abschluss, das ist echt ne tolle Leistung.
    Wie geht es denn bei dir beruflich weiter?

    libe Grüße

    1. Hallo Nati, ich Dank' dir vielmals! Ich werde mich höchstwahrscheinlich in der HNO spezialisieren :)


  13. Really great! love your blog and i love love hakuhodo brushes, today in the haku website is available the J serie!! if you want to visit my review to see more pics! Serie J Hakuhodo. J5523 Clon 217 MAC.

    Thank you!!

    1. oh thanks so much for your review! so very helpful! i heard since a few weeks ago that the J-series would launch on Aug 21st, i was quite excitet! i want to get 2 brushes only: J214 and J5543.

  14. Congratulations!!!! :) You deserved these brushes girl :) I love to read your notes but I rarely leave comment :P Here in Paris I wish I could get these SUQQU, Paula Dorf or Chikuhodo but it seems impossible and prices on internet for shipping or what the tax would cost me... terrible :) Also you interested me in this toner but I guess its hard to get it here :P

    1. Thank you for the brush-support Shinnen! it's too bad that the best brands are so hard to get, right? i bought the toner on

  15. I must say, you are the blogger that probably has the most lust-inducing makeup collection for me. I am always drooling over EVERYTHING you post about! I WANT those Suqqu palettes and the Guerlain palettes and of course, your LMdB Blush Kaleidoscope and Burberry Earthy. I also really want that Chanel Genie gloss too--I recently got Troublant. It was my first Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss and I love the formula. It's SO plush and silky and nice on the lips. I would love to get this peachy color next! Oh, and I am OBSESSED with your new camera! I really wanted the same camera, but as I'm pretty broke right now, that won't be happening for quite a long time! :/

    1. thank you Becca! (psst: i'm also extremely in love with my stuff - i feel so lucky and happy to own them ;D don't want to scream it out too loud to make it sound like bragging, though ;P)
      i really love the formula of these Chanel RA Extrait de Gloss, so smooth, exact pigmentation for a soft, but apparent colour and they coat the lips soo nicely!
      i hope you can get the camera soon, it's really great. but when i look at the pics on your site, it's not too urgent since they're already great!

  16. Haha, I love your little song for the Edward Bess eyeshadow brush. After reading your review on it the first time, I bought it for myself and I totally agree. I looove it. Thank you for the recommendation. Also, I now want the other things in your favorites... your blog is bad for my wallet, but I love it. :)

    1. haha, because i've written something like "i wish i was rich, then i'd buy all of you one!" and then this tune came to my mind ;)
      but this brush is really THAT good, right?
      don't worry, my wallet ist crying with yours, too ;)

  17. I have been following your blog for quite a while and I love what you are doing! Congrats on your graduation!! ;)

  18. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    Wie geht es nun bei dir weiter?

    Habe dieselbe Kamera und bin sehr zufrieden. Benutzen auch die gleichen Objektive. Viel Spass damit!


    1. Vielen Dank!
      Ich meinen Facharzt in der HNO machen, für mich ein sehr interessantes Fach mit ganz unterschiedlichem Patientenspektrum und sehr vielen Möglichkeiten.
      Ich bin sehr glücklich mit der Kamera, erst recht als Anfänger. Hätte ich nicht so Mini-Hände, würd' ich mir auch wünschen, in Zukunft auf Full-Frame zu wechseln :(

  19. congratulations! wishing you an exciting career ahead in the medical sector - and brushes were well deserved i am sure ;)

  20. Congratulations! Brushes are a good graduation treat, they are investments! The camera is a beauty, I have just graduated as well and have chosen a camera, deciding between Nikon and Canon at this point though. The new blog design is looking great, goodness knows I need to update mine now that I have some time!

    1. thank you Emma! these brushes are really investments, but very well worth it.
      congratulations to you as well! i always preferred Canon over Nikon since i like how Canon depicts the colours better. i hope you will find a pleasing choice soon :D

  21. I am so glad you are doing the favourites again and congratulation on completing medical school! I always liked the idea that I share with you the love for makeup and the same career choice ( I am in cardiology )! Can't wait for the Chikuhodo brush review, my husband will travel to Japan in a few months and I am already preparing my shopping list!

    1. thank you! i'm happy that you like my favourites although i always think i'm too excessive compared to others ;)
      have you finished your assistent-time yet? cardiology is so interesting, it's probably my second choice after ENT but where i live, it seems very hard for assistents, especially female, to gain much experience and develop in their career. this department is very α-male dominated here >(

    2. i'm so jealous of you to get these great Japanese products out of first hand :P prepare your shopping list thoroughly ;)

  22. Wow..graduation! Big congrats!!!!
    Love your Chikuhodo collection!! They're just from heaven! I still don't want to take the leap to it yet. Too expensive!

    1. thank you Coco! they are the greatest brushes ever ♥

  23. Hi,

    First off big congrats to your graduation. Wishing you greater achievements ahead!

    I have the chance of getting Chikuhodo brushes and would love to know which would be your must-haves.

    How are they compare to the Suqqu ones?


    1. Hi CC
      Thank you so much!
      I'm so happy with you that you will get some Chikuhodos ;)
      quality is the same with SUQQU, just the brush head shapes are different. if i'm being honest, i prefer my Chikuhodos ;)

  24. Thanks for your quick reply.

    Which Chikuhodo brushes are your must haves? (BTW, I got all your Hakuhodo must-haves.. :D )
    I hope I don't have to get the entire z-series.. cos that would give my hubby a real scare.. But if you insist that I should.. Then.. Perhaps.. :p

    1. my faves are Z1 for powder and Z4 for blush. if you like contouring/highlighting, the Z2 is unbeatable. you will love them.
      btw, are you happy with my Hakuhodo suggestions?

    2. I love all the Hakuhodo brushes you recommended (224 is on its way and will be here next week!).

      Maybe you should redo your favorite brush list since there are so many new ones now.. :)

      So Z1, Z2 and Z4 it is! I have heard really good things about Z8 so maybe I'll get that too. Thanks for your help. :)

    3. haha, Z8 i still need to get ;) it must be lovely!
      i'm so happy that you like your Hakuhodos!


thank you for commenting!

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