i have a few problems with this page - the scans of my "letter" seem to get messed up from time to time and disappear. if you can't read it, maybe you'll have more luck with this link: facts ABOUT me.

sorry for any inconveniences!


  1. Hi, This is a very unusual About Me page but I think it is really brilliant! We have a lot in common (...love video games , singing , procrastinator , Asian...), and the love for makeup (but as I can see you have way more than I do!)

    Anyway I enjoy the site and I thank you! Keep it up!

  2. Hi, I came across your site to compare make up and other beauty things! I got more and more curious as I read on and what an interesting life!! Your mini bio is brilliant! Another thing I'm super curious about is how you can afford to buy all these amazing make ups and beauty items?? They do rack up and get very pricey! What is your trick? Anyway all the best! Stay fabulous!!! -all the way from Australia xxx


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