P. M., Trang is Ketoglutarat, the author, editor and admin of

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i'm putting a lot of effort into my content and always try my best to give you full and reliable information and stay up to date  but i'm just human and of course from time to time a little mistake can slip into my content so please don't charge me of full responsibility.
i'm not willing to be charged for illegal content or activities of third parties and their information that is mentioned on here. i will try and check these contents on my own but i can't assure a completely thorough inspection.
i will delete or disable content that includes unlawful information as quickly as possible when i notice it.
i provide links to extern web sites of third parties. i can't influence their content so i'm not responsible for that but the person who runs these sites. although i will always try to check the links i provide or any information source i mention, i can't guarantee a precise research.
i will always only link to sites that seem legal to me after a personal check. of course i will remove unlawful links as soon as possible when i notice it.
i will always respect the copyright of others and will only use my own pictures/information or copyright-free data.
if i use third party content i will note it as that.
so please also respect my copyright and don't steal my photos. you are not allowed to edit, publish and distribute or duplicate my contents beyond the copyright if you don't have my explicit written consent.
you are not allowed to download or copy this site at all.
if i receive personal information from others, it's always based on free choice. you can always enjoy my content anonymously.
i will handle the personal information given to me by others with most care and discretion.
so please also handle my personal contact information with the same respect and propriety.
i don't wish to receive any advertising or information materials by third parties without me requesting it before.
i strictly forbid anyone to abuse my contact data.
i will take legal measures if my rights are ignored.

even in the case this disclaimer is imperfect, the german law will apply to this web blog.

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