May 17, 2012

recent nailpolish buys.

i tried to, i tried really hard to resist picking up random polishes when i browse the local drugstores - but these few "accidentally" fell into my shopping basket. i could swear this happens to me all the time! *cough*

Essence Purple Party is part of their toe nail polish collection for summer 2012, it's a red-based purple pearl with pink duochrome shimmer. the finish is almost metallic.
i like these Show Your Feet polishes because they usually have a nice consistency and last brilliantly.  they have a flat brush which makes application really easy.
however this one is a dud. it's a rather sheer shade and not opaque until the 3rd layer, it also wears off uncommonly fast. the pretty pink/red glow that makes this shade so exciting at first lays flat once on the nail and it looks rather unmodern and blah.
it's quite similar to Catrice Heavy Metallilac but is more red-based and doesn't have the pale gold cast of the Catrice polish.

Catrice Heavy Metallilac - Essence Purple Party

EDIT: comparison swatch

Catrice Heavy Metallilac - Essence Purple Party

P2 Flirt With Me! (i hate these dumb self-related names) is a medium pink, with slight blue undertone (it looks more cool-toned in real, my pictures makes it looks quite coral-pink which it isn't). no shimmers, slightly jelly appearance. opaque with 2 layers. doesn't "Last Forever", maybe 3 days if you are manually stressed.
this is a colour that i bought for reasons of precaution since i didn't have a *takeadeepbreath* slightly-cool-toned-medium-pink-creme-finish in my huge collection yet and i sometimes have those funny phases when i crave for a certain pink like this.
in comparison: Chanel Morning Rose is warmer and has these gold flecks, Essie MPOY? is warmer, deeper and more muted.

Chanel Morning Rose - Essie My Place Or Yours? - P2 Flirt With Me

P2 Adore Me! - easy to wear, pseudo-modern (since it isn't anymore) light (!) grurple with a handful of beige thrown in. i sill like such shades 'cause i'm lame like that.
it applies much more evenly than how it appears to on my crappy swatch. it's quite similar to MAC Cool Reserve, but is much lighter.

P2 Adore Me! - MAC Cool Reserve

i was obsessed with the idea of getting Essie Pretty Edgy nail polish since last year, but never came around to do so. since Essie recently made its debut in german drugstores at a much more affordable price point, i stumped into the drugstore on a mission to finally buy it - but it's gone. so Catrice King Of Greens (love the name, love Doug) being the most pure and yellow-based forest green in town became my retail therapy. but it doesn't deliver. not dark enough, not bright enough. and this ugly ugly green shimmer is even uglier when it's applied. looking so nineties makes me cringe.
i don't like their brush, too. it's so wide and flimsy.

have i told you that i hate pastel nailpolish shades? and i hate it when they come up everywhere around easter-time. well, prepare for 4-in-a-row. i have an excuse, though: i had a certain manicure in mind and since i hate pastel polishes so much i didn't have any in my collection. and i don't plan on wearing any of these shades full-on. only one-finger-per-time.

P2 Lovely Moment is really a lovely little girl-colour. milky creme-finish pastel pink. fully opaque with 3 thin coats. don't love it, but it's a purchase to complete the collection.

Essence You Belong To Me is a medium aqua blue with fine blue and white pearl shimmer. it appears almost like a creme-finish, the shimmer is only visible in bright light. it's not too pastelly, i can imagine wearing this shade as full manicure.
it applies evenly and opaque with 2 coats. wears nicely for 3-4 days.
i already own a similar colour to this, but it applied so uneven and streaky that i needed a substitute.

unless being another substitute of a polish in my stash that doesn't apply nicely, this is definitely not my cup of tea. i never tan so dark that a yellow would look nice against my already yellow skintone. but hey, i'm going for diversity in my collection.
Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine is a true canary yellow with gold and yellow pearl shimmer, only visible in direct lighting.
doesn't apply too well (still slightly uneven with 2 coats).

Astor #135 is a very pale blue creme finish. couldn't imagine to wear it on my fingers unless for a certain manicure and then only on one finger. could look nice and brightening on the toes when my feet are tanned, though. will keep this in mind.
applies with some hassles, opaque with 3 coats.

so this is the beforementioned manicure i wanted to try. and i have to admit that i have drawn my inspiration from british reality-tv/drama/soap/whatsoever Made In Chelsea. i was lured in to watch a few episodes of this tv-show, but to say in their words: i didn't fancy it.
i did enjoy some make ups and manicures, though, in particular a mani Caggie Dunlop was sporting in some early episodes. it's just a mash up of brights and pastels and looks "different". stands out nicely with monochromatic outfits but looks good also when one of the nails picks up the colour of one colourful piece in your outfit (for example i was wearing a red blazer and i found this mani to look very youthful and happy in combination).
it could be any colours but i liked this certain combination.

ingredients: P2 Unforgettable (maybe d/c?) - OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where? - Essence You Belong To Me - P2 Gigantic (d/c?) - Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine


  1. I love your favorites. I'd never heard of P2 before, but what gorgeous colors!

  2. Do you have a comparison between the Show your Feet Essence polish and Heavy Metallilac in pictures? The Catrice will probably be easier to find, as not all stores have the Show your Feet line.

    1. i will take a photo when the sun comes out today and edit the post, ok?

  3. beautiful colors!!!! we want it all!!! :)) M&M


  4. I need that yellow Essence polish! I've been looking for a colour like this for ages! I'm a new reader and I really like your blog :)

  5. Lovely Moment and the Astor are so gorgeous, my favs :) I have You Belong To Me and while I do like the formula, I wish it were a tad more pastel/milky in tone.

  6. Soooo bright!! I am slightly thankful that we don't have catrice and essence in a way otherwise I'd ALWAYS walk out of the drugstore with a handful of nail!

  7. Such pretty nail colours! Your nail skittle is just too cute :-) From the swatches, I especially like P2 Flirt With Me. I've never heard of this brand before, is it European?

    1. yes, P2 is a german drugstore brand mostly available at "dm"-drugstores. it's really affordable, maybe comparable to NYC over there?

  8. Fun manicure!! I recently did one like this too--but it was specifically to test/photograph different colors for my blog :P I did like it though! But I like the colors you used better. They somehow work very very well together! Love it!

  9. Wow, great choice & nice shades. Seems I have to take a little walk to the drugstore tomorrow...
    Thanks for inspiring! ;-)

  10. i love the Essence "you belong to me" nail polish. I had it since last year and i think it's the nail polish i wore the most last year... and probably the most in my life since i bought a second bottle. i have a pale skin and i love it very much!


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