Dec 1, 2011

[CLOSED] Blog-Birthday & Christmas-Giveaway: Guerlain Parure de Nuit!

Dec 1st, exactly one year ago, my first post went online. i didn't even expected this project to last such a long time ;P i started out as a woman, passionate with make up and having quite a lot of it, who wanted to share her thoughts on some interesting products. i've gone through most of my stash now but it stays fun and you know i was diligent with shopping so i still have a lot to share with you.

well, 574 posts later, i'm still blogging consistently and with more success than i ever dared to imagine. over 4000 comments, nearly 1 million clicks and thousands of readers every day - my heart is throbbing in the light of these numbers. i'm just so overwhelmed that i can't even express it in words!

Thank you. Each one of you.

to celebrate, come and have some birthday cake with me ;) oh, and i almost forgot: i have a special blog-birthday/belated-1000-readers/christmas-giveaway for you.
i have purchased a Guerlain Parure de Nuit powder from their latest limited edition to gift it to one of you.

of course it's brand new and unused (here you can see my review of my own one ;) ).

to win it, please comment under this post and tell me how you found my blog and what made you subscribe? what do you like and what you don't? are there topics you wish to see covered on here? in 3 words, how would you describe my blog?

you want a second entry? then write a (new and individual) blog post about this giveaway on your blog, link to this post and leave me the link of your post in the comments. you can use my photos of this giveaway for your post.

for 3 extra entries, create a festive/birthday make up and send me a photo of your work with a short description/product list to my email of course there will be an extra present for the best make up in case it's not the big winner ;)

the rules are simple:

1. you are a GFC reader = you follow this blog publicly via Google Friend Connect.
please leave your nick.
each person can only take part once.
2. this giveaway is open internationally.  
3. if you are under 18 years old, please get the permission from your parents that you can take part and are allowed to give me your address in case you win.
4. this giveaway will end on monday, december 26th 2011, 23:59 central european time.
5. i will choose the winner randomly and will announce her/him on the following days on my blog.
(6. if i notice you are a contest-blog or give-away-hunter, you'll be disqualified.
7. if i can't tolerate the content of your blog, you'll be disqualified (such as racist, unethical, discriminatory, offensive, glorifying violence).)
8. the legal process is excluded.

other goodies you will receive in this giveaway package are:
  • a StriVectin Ageless Starter Kit including a travel pouch and travel sizes of the Instant Retexturizing Scrub, Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles and the Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles
  • a Giorgio Armani Armani Code Trial Kit with perfume sample and 75ml-body lotion
  • a Narciso Rodriguez For Her bodylotion (40ml)
  • a sample of Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara
  • & many other perfume, makeup and skincare samples

i'm not affiliated with any of these brands.

good luck!


  1. I discovered your blog when I was looking for blush swatches! A blush junkie like you deserves a follow so I immediately followed you :D

    GFC: Nina
    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

    Thank you!

  2. Ich will gar nicht mitmachen, aber dir gerne zu deinem ersten Bloggeburtstag gratulieren :)

  3. Amazing giveaway!!
    I discovered your blog looking for swatches. I swear every time I searched for a blush or a brush or a laura mercier product i'd come to your website and i just fell in love! You give such in depth, honest reviews and provide clear photos!

    GFC: Amanda

    thanks so much for the giveaway!

  4. I found this blog on google. I was desperate to find some foundations swatches that matched a light Asian skintone. When I found your blog, I was so relieved and ever since then, I've been checking daily on my reader to see if you're posting! Thanks to you, I've avoided some foundation fails and found new foundation holy grails!

  5. GFC: niki

    Thank you! :)

  6. Happy 1 year to your blog and congrats on achieving so much blog success! :D I hope you will continue to be a great blogger as you are now :)

    I discovered your blog through another blogger who linked yours for something. Maybe a product comparison that you wrote about. It was interesting for me to read it and I read through a lot of your posts and found that not only are you a makeup lover and collector but an intriguing person as well and you do really great swatches, photos and a mad collection of blushes! :D haha

    I'll create a birthday look! :D

  7. Happy Blogging Birthday! Your success speaks for itself :D I found your blog so long ago I honestly don't remember how :( I subscribed because you have an amazing array of products, quality swatches, and lovely & wearable looks. Three words: thorough reviews, elegant <3 Sarah S.

  8. I would love to win, you have such a fantastic blog!

  9. Amazing giveaway!!! Love your blog and your reviews ;)))
    GFC: Jelka

  10. Alles Gute zum Blog-Geburstag - mach weiter so! :)
    Ich lese deinen Blog unheimlich gerne, da deine Reviews immer sehr ausführlich und deine Fotos qualitativ super sind. Mir gefällt auch, dass du meist mehrere Looks mit dem vorgestellten Produkt zeigst.
    Außerdem merkt man, wie viel Mühe und Zeit du in deinen Blog investiert! ♥

  11. Happy 1 year birthday!
    I found your blog through random german bloggers.
    I really like the fact that you're writing in english instead of german. :)

    I always read your review before deciding to buy some products. The way you do review is honest and helpful so that I dont buy products I dont need to.

    And,noch mal alles gute!

  12. Happy Blogging B-Day!
    I don´t remember anymore how I found your blog, but I guess someone probably recommended it for me. I became follower beacuse I like your posts and swatches and I love that you always create a look with the product that you review.
    In three words I would describe your blog: stylish, interesting and clear.

    GFC name: Miss L

    Ich bin über andere Beautyblogs auf deinen Blog gestossen und einfach hängen geblieben, weil du so so so ausführliche und gut geschriebene Reviews postest :)

    Ich würde dein Package sehr gerne gewinnen:
    Mein GFC: miss_independent, Email:

    Mach weiter so!

  14. omg what an amazing giveaway!
    congrats on turning one year old :-) I love your blog and been following it for a while. I especially love your reviews on high end products such as Guerlain, chanel, armani etc - all your pictures and swatches are so gorgeous! your blog definitely added quite a few items to my wish list ;-) good luck to everyone participating in this giveaway! and have a merry christmas!

  15. Happy Birthday to you and your blog.

    I discovered your blog looking for reviews on aqua cream and other cream shadows, I loved your posts and the number of great pictures and decided to follow you. I love the variety of product samples and carefully read your opinions.

    Thank you! :)

  16. I found your blog when I was doing some search on a beauty product I was thinking about buying. I came your blog because of your product images quality swatches and reviews. Thank you for doing them!

  17. Happy anniversairy :-) I found your blog while strolling through blog rolls, to find nice blogs! I really love your reviews and swatches, they show me what to buy, and this got me pretty often! :-) You have a huge variety on products that you show, I just love it <3

  18. Erst mal alles gute zum Bloggeburtstag!!!! :-D

    Ich nehme natürlich gerne teil, der Preis ist nämlich suuuper!!
    Mein Name bei GFC ist Stephanie, ganz einfach :-)
    email: helia (at)

  19. Erstmal das wichtigste: Alles Gute zu deinem Bloggeburtstag :)
    Ich bin auf deinen Blog gestoßen, weil ich ihn in irgendeiner Blogroll gesehen habe und bin Leser geworden, weil ich deine Bilder liebe. Irgendwie ist auch der einfachste Post total Eyecandy bei dir. Also ist auch die Frage, was ich mag, schnell beantwortet: Deine Fotos. Auch deine Vorstellungen der Produkte gefallen mir total gut, ich mag das TIHILW von jedem Produkt, denn das hilft ungemein, sich ein Produkt besser vorstellen zu können.
    Außerdem mag ich, dass du jedes Produkt im Vergleich zu anderen swatchst.
    Neue Themen fallen mir jetzt irgendwie gar nicht ein, einfach weil ich finde, dass dein Blog alles abdeckt.
    Dein Blog in drei Worten beschrieben: Liebevoll, Detailliert, (gut) Informiert

    Liebe Grüße :)

  20. hey alles gute zum blog-geburtstag... Ich liebe deine Reviews und besonders die vergleichsfotos ;)

    das give-away ist auch echt super...

    GFC: Cazy; meine Email:

    Liebe Grüße

  21. I found your blog through your foundation reviews. I was looking specifically for the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation review, and then went on to see you have so many foundation reviews! I like that you swatch everything and your posts are very neat and organized and thorough. I would probably prefer more drugstore brands just because I cannot afford all high-end products, but that's a personal preference.

    Your blog is clean, polished, and informative.

    email: GFC: graci3

  22. Ich beglückwünsche Dich zum 1jährigen. Mach einfach weiter so :)

  23. ich hab deinen blog wahrscheinlich über die blogroll eines anderen blogs gefunden, welches das war, kann ich nicht mehr sagen. auf jeden fall hab ich aber wegen "ketoglutarat" draufgeklickt, weil ich einen naturwissenschaftlichen beruf habe.
    aber dein blog ist sofort im feedreader gelandet, weil du intelligent schreibst, gut fotografierst und interessante produkte reviewst. und das alles mit so großer sorgfalt (oder vielleicht auch besessenheit, wenn ich z.b. an den vergleich der viielen goldenen lidschatten denke.. ;)).
    außerdem hast du ein sehr ähnliches beuteschema, was lidschattenfarben angeht wie ich, das macht dein blog natürlich auch sehr gefährlich ;)
    hm, drei worte.. pinsel, perfektionismus, kreativität.

    mach weiter so!

    gfc: anne müh

  24. I found your blog when I was searching for different looks that can be done with the UD's Naked palette. Then I noticed the NOTD label and I was hooked! You have the skill to include in your looks eyeshadows that are scary for me, but you make them work, and you make them look SO SOPHISTICATED!
    So if I have to describe your blog in 3 words I would say: Elegant, tasteful, clever.

  25. happy blog-birthday :D I found your blog when I was searching for RBR swatches, I looked through your blog then and after my 3rd google search I followed you (because everytime I was looking for something your blogposts show up, haha). I like your reviews and swatches a lot, you have amazing products you can share with us! I would love to see more FOTDs (maybe you could post a pic from an ad/cover, etc and show us what inspired you?). 3 words: interesting, intelligent, honest <3

  26. Well done on making it through a year. I found you through - she had included a link on her blog!

    I like your methodical and through approach where you look at the product from every angle and there are lots of photos! I especially like the comparison photos!

    Nothing I don't like really - i don't always appreciate your brush posts much cause I am not really into brushes!

    Three words: methodical, through, detailed!

  27. congrats on your first year!

    i first found your blog when i was searching for swatches and i decided to subscribe because i love your pictures. they give me a good sense of what the products look like. and of course, i love your eye makeup looks!

    3 words: detailed, thorough, interesting

    GFC: makeawish2468

  28. I think I discovered your blog while searching for swatches and reviews of German brands like RdL, as I was preparing a trip to Berlin and wanted info on what to get. I liked the fact that unlike most German bloggers you posted in English -my German is not that fluent yet.

    GFC: marox79
    E-mail: marox79(at)yahoo(dot)es

    I just did a post about your giveaway here:

  29. I also made a post for your giveaway!

  30. Ich kenn dich noch von den BJs und bin somit vom ersten Post an dabei und gratuliere dir natürlich ganz herzlich. :)
    Deine Fotos sind wundervoll und schon einige Male hab ich durch dich neue Marken kennengelernt.
    Außerdem bin ich heimlich in deine Lippen verliebt. :D
    3 Worte? Elegant, stilvoll und sehr nett. (Ich weiß noch wie unglaublich schnell du damals auf meine Mail geantwortet hast. :) )

    Ich wünsch dir weiterhin ganz viel Spaß beim Bloggen. :)

  31. I am entering giveaway few of bloggers that I follow and never get win. I just try to do it especially I've been follow your blog and all your post about blush and make up... Yes, all is interesting to me that truly never try those stuff. CURIOUS so keep it up.. thank

  32. herzlichen glückwunsch! :) ich bin durch einen anderen blog auf deinen blog gestoßen, und fand deine ausführlichen reviews und tollen swatch-fotos von anfang an super, man merkt echt wie viel mühe du dir gibst und dass du mit ganzem herzen dabei bist! :) und drei worte... informativ, liebevoll, detailliert! liebe grüße und viel spaß weiterhin beim bloggen! mona x

  33. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum einjährigen Blogjubiläum *fanfare und konfettiwerf* Ich möchte nicht am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen, dir aber an dieser Stelle sagen, wie sehr ich deinen Blog mag und du mich schon das ein, oder andere Mal angefixt hast (Cargo ;) ). Auf weitere, erfolgreiche Bloggerjahre.


  34. I'm a GFC reader under the name Misa. Anyhow thanks for the chance of winning your giveawy. I like #1) your choice of items, they are items I would get or are interested in so I check in on your blog to #2)read your opinion and #3) to look at your swatches, you have great photos.
    I found your blog by google-ing for swatches/reviews.

  35. Thanks for the giveaway, this is an amazing price! I´ve been subscribe to this blog for a while I did it cause you do a very specific and real review about products, which I love cause I want to know about the product before going to the store and purchase them. So thank you!

    I add a post on my blog about your giveaway!

    my email:

  36. Following via GFC as Bex Smith.

    I found your blog a few months ago from a link on another blog, I forget which. I subscribed because I love the way you write and review, and how your pictures are always stunningly clear!
    I would love to see a personal post every now and again - to get the know the girl behind the blog.
    If I had to describe your blog in three words, they would be 1)beautiful 2)professional and 3)honest.


  37. I found your blog via searching swatches of some blush.
    You have amazing collection of blushes and you made awesome swatches of them.
    What I love most of your blog is
    1. True to color swatches, profession pictures
    2. No ad
    3. very honest

    I bought a few cargo blushes after reading your reviews.

    My mail is

  38. Oh my, what a wonderful giveaway! You pamper us!
    I can not really remember, how I found your blog, I am sorry. I bookmarked it a long time before I noticed, that I hadn't subscribed yet. I have the feeling, that you have a great eye for good products - this is the main reason for me to love your blog. I also like how your posts are unbiased, nicely written, precise and also the visual appearance of your blog is a pleasure to the eye. I do not share your special interest in brushes, but you even make me enjoy post on this topic. I think it would be perfect, if it could stay the way it is now.
    Your blog in three words: Sophisticated, classy, beauteous.
    My mail:

  39. I love the photos and the clear way you review products. Its also a variety of products, some highend. Thanks for this!

  40. So sorry for not being complete with my submission, but I stumbled upon this blog and love it. Now I'm obsessed with Guerlain bronzers :)

  41. What a beautiful compact! Thank you for such a sweet giveaway, and congratulation on your blog bday:) I think I found you through another blog's blogroll, but I can't remember which. My blog just celebrated it's first month!

  42. I found your blog through another blogger I think... And then I got hooked onto your brush series, LOL. I follow through GFC as terry and my email is!

  43. I've found you thanks to another Spanish blogger, your blog I found it very nice that is not full of advertising. It is very clean, ordered, subtle and with high-quality photos that provide much information of products without having to go to the store.Thanks.

    My email es

  44. hey =) I found your blog through front row beauty and I share your love for make up brushes. I'm a huge fan of Hakuhodo as well and finally purchased my first set of brushes from them after stalking their website for >a yr and realized they will never have a sale hahah

  45. i found your blog when i was searching for RBR swatches... i love all the pictures and EOTD and your blush collection... your blog -- it's fabulously addicting! i want to buy everything!!!! xx

    GFC: mlle.epatant

  46. The truth is I can't remember exactly how i got here but it's always a pleasure to read your posts...such a good taste!
    I'd really love to try this wonderful giveaway, thank you for the opportunity ♥
    By the way, merry xmas!

  47. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Blog-Geburtstag. Ich habe dich über einen anderen Blog entdeckt, ich denke es war damals Innen und Außen. ICh liebe deine Fotos und vor allem die Reviews sind unglaublich spannend und immer sehr fundiert.

    Liebe Grüße

  48. I think I found you on one of the blogrolls, and after I've checked out your blog I loved it :) I love your clear photos and reviews.

    I follow as Lyuba-chan on GFC, and my email is: red_lyuba (at)

  49. I stumbled across your blog looking for Hakuhodo brush reviews and I am so glad that I did. Your photos are clear and neatly organized and I love that you actually show the products in multiple ways on the face. You seem to showcase brands and products that I really want to try and have introduced me to a few new ones (RBR will be mine, one day!). Thanks for everything and congratulations on a successful first year.

  50. Congratulations!!! What? Only one year? I've reading your blog so long, that I can't remember how I found you, I guess from another blog. But I think of you as one of the most established ones, well known blogs, so I can't believe it's only been one year. What I love about you is the wonderful pictures, your taste in products, the colours you love, which are the same as mine. And I don't know what else, but I have to tell you, your blog is really appealing to the eye, once you're here, you're stuck, haha.Anyway I wish you all the best and please stay with us for a long time!
    GFC: Lena N.

  51. Hi!!!
    GFC: brujamr
    I found your blog while reading another. I liked it and decided to stay.
    Thank you very much and best regards.

  52. Hi, please, enter me.
    GFC Nick: Miss Potingues.
    I discovered your blog on another blog. I've like your make up products entries.

    Thank you!!

  53. Meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch zum Einjährigen und weiter so!

    GFC: Dawn

    Lieben Gruß!!

  54. happy blog birthday and such a lovely giveaway!!

    i found your blog while i was looking for squirrel brushes and since then i've purchased a few of your recommendations & i m happy with them (i love my suqqu ones though :D)

    i like that you always post fullface pictures and you make nice swatches, that's the biggest positive thing of your blog

    what i don't like is your writing/spelling but i'm a teacher so i easily get aggrevated with those things

    keep up the good work!

    GFC: Evelien

  55. I discovered your blog while I'm searching for swatches
    and reviews of German brands because my aunt lived
    there around 30 years and I when she travels to
    Germany she always buy me there all I need ;)

    I liked that you posted in English because I
    don't understand German.

    GFC: vere
    E-mail: veresanz(at)gmail(dot)com

  56. I follow you on GFC and RSS as Monique, thanks
    email: moniquehasana at hotmail dot com

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Congratulations! Happy Birthday! <3

    I found your blog through another blogger I think.
    What I most like:
    01.Your choice of items.
    02.Beautiful photos.
    03.The way you do review is honest and helpful.

    Thank you! <3

    GRC:bubi .

  59. Congratulations! Happy Birthday! <3

    I found your blog through another blogger I think.
    What I most like:
    01.Your choice of items.
    02.Beautiful photos.
    03.The way you do review is honest and helpful.

    Thank you! <3

    GRC:bubi .

  60. i'd like to enter! :)

    i found your blog while i was looking for cargo and nars swatch pictures on google. ^-^
    i like the swatch colors are accurate and you provide heavy handed + blended versions. very very helpful! it actually helped with me to purchase my very first nars blush.

    GFC - L e n a
    email -

    happy anniverssary! :)

  61. Happy Birthday! I adore your blog and check it daily! I am thrilled with your Rue de Passy review as I just received it in a swap. :-)

    I think I found your site on a web search, and adore it for the gorgeous photos as well as your flawless application! I would love to see some tutorials on how you achieve your eye makeup looks.

    3 Words: Lovely, truthful, and fun!

    Following you on google!

    trishpdx at gmail dot com

  62. Congrats on your first year!
    I discovered your blog while searching for Essence swatches. I subscribed because I like the fact that you use both high-end and really cheap products. You help me decide what to splurge on and what cheap gems are worth buying. You provide in-depth reviews and clear photos.
    GFC: mirr
    Email: smerkow(at)gmail(dot)com

  63. i would love to take part in your giveaway!what made me follow your blog was the fact that you update it really often. I particularly enjoy your reviews on foundations!My favourite subject haha!! i follow you for quite some time (afroditi rou)

  64. hi! Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity to participate! I found your blog through a British blog (but I don't follow that other blog, I like yours more). What made me subscribe? you like most of the make up brands I like. I like that there are no ads here and that you really enjoy blogging. Plus, you were so kind when I asked something by email ;) I would like to see some more parfums reviews around here (niche brands). I'm sure I'd enjoy them. 3 words: inspirational, honest and funny.

    by the way, I have a give-away contest too, of a brand new Rouge D'Armani 406... but your contest is better :P

  65. Glückwunsch zum 1.jährigen Blogbestehen!
    Danke dir, dass du dir immer so viel Mühe mit deinen Blogposts gibst und dieser Preis ist sowieso unglaublich!

    Ich bin durch das BJ-Forum auf deinen Blog gekommen und war sofort hin und weg!
    Deine Blogposts sind der wahnsinn! Unglaublich schön und gut ausgearbeitet, die Fotos sind immer toll, du gibst dir bei jedem Blogpost sehr viel Mühe und das merkt man!
    Es macht einfach spaß deine Blogposts zu lesen und wenn ich eine Review zu einem bestimmten Produkt suche, gehe ich immer auf deinen Blog und suche danach. Deine Meinung zu den Produkten finde ich nämlich sehr interessant. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  66. Ich habe dich über BeautyJunkies entdeckt ;-D
    Endlich konnte ich mich dazu durchringen, dich zu abonnieren und mich durch den englischen Wort Jungel zu kämpfen! :-D

    Dein Blog mit 3 Worten beschreiben: ehrlich, kreativ und schön <3

    Mach weiter so! :-)

    viele Grüße,

  67. I found your blog by searching for reviews about brushes. I chose to subscribe because your posts are consistently well written, interesting, highlight products that I'm interested in, and expose me to new products and brands. Your reviews are comprehensive and well-executed, and your photo quality is excellent.

    Your product swatches and FOTDs/EOTDs so helpful because we have the same skin colouring and eye shape. How awesome is that?! The other reason I'm a subscriber and a huge fan that you have single-handedly transformed me into a blush lover! [My first solo blush purchase was Cargo Tonga. I absolutely love it. It is the best thing for my skin tone, and ideal for my minimalistic makeup style.] I even went to a Burberry counter and tried Earth #07. "Luxurious" doesn't come close to capturing the texture of this blush. Unfortunately, I might have to get NYX Taupe for my contour as the Burberry is out of my budget. :*( Anyway, I'm glad that I went to see it and had it in my hands, if even for a moment. [This makes me sound like a crazy person!]

    I would love to see makeup application tutorials, perhaps in the form of step-by-step photos? At the top of my list is blush application, and what strategies you use for applying powder vs cream blushes. (I don't have any cream blushes...yet.)

    In three words: honest, quality, comprehensive.

    GFC: BooBooNinja

    ps How is are the Paula's Choice products working out for you? I just repurchased some of my HG items and I thought of you.

  68. pps Sorry for the novella. And, Congratulations on a successful first year!

  69. Congratulations on your first year! =D

  70. ohhh das ist ein schöner gewinn!
    dein blog war der erste den ich regelmässig gelesen habe, deswegen hab ich ihn besonders ins herz geschlossen!
    eigentlich war ich ja dann von fast anfang an dabei, das ist cool!
    ganz liebe grüße und mach weiter so!!

  71. I love Guerlain and your blog! I stumbled upon your blog by googling for a particular product and have been reading it ever since :)

  72. I can't remember the exact product I was looking for at the time, but I found your website randomly through Google Search while researching product reviews. I remember you had what seemed to be the ONLY review in the world for that product. The reason I subscribed is because your blog's format was just perfect for me. Very descriptive, clear pictures, comparison swatches (!!!), daily updates (!), and I really liked how none of your posts were sponsored. I fell in love. I read a lot of blogs, but yours is definitely in my Top 2 favorites. If I had to pick one aspect I dislike, it would probably be the FOTD/tihilw, but to be honest I don't like those on any blog. I can't think of anything else I'd like to see on your blog because I love the way you do it so much already. I like how you do individual posts on individual shades, rather than sticking all of them together into one post.

    Three words: descriptive, concise, modern.

    Congratulations for the great year, and here's to many more!

  73. Oh, wow!! Great giveaway!!
    Ok...I like your blog because you describe everything suuper well))) Also you post pretty often, which I love! I don't know how you do it, but your pictures are really crisp and clear! I love white background! Could you do a post on it?
    Oh, another thing which "made" me subscribe to you is your love for blushes!!! I am not alone!!!
    Thank you!!

  74. Happy blogging birthday! Thank you for the opportunity of such a gorgeous prize in the giveaway!
    I found your blog looking for information about brushes and I felt in love with it, so I subscribed almost inmediately.
    I would describe your blog in three words: honest, neat and trusty. I enjoy the blog because I can notice that you enjoy blogging about what you feel like, so I do not want any changes!
    Congratulations and... many more to come!
    GFC: Mariposa

  75. Congrats!

    I found your blog a long time ago while searching for swatches of MAC blushes. I've been a long time lurker, repeatedly stopping by to drool over your gorgeous makeup photos, but will admit that the idea of winning Guerlain enticed me to finally come out of the shadows and follow. I LOVE your photos, they have created so many lems! My only qualm would be that you don't review enough Paul & Joe(but that's relative to my obsession with P&J). I guess if I could suggest a topic, I'd like to see you give tips for someone with freckles, perhaps using a friend/model who has them?
    Three words: classic, dynamic, and effortless

  76. Herzlichen Glückwunsch ;)
    Ich habe dich über den Blog Innen & Aussen entdeckt :) und seitdem verfolge ich dich als regelmäsßige Leserin.Dein Blog in drei Worten :

    * luxuriös
    * ehrlich
    * modern

    Congrats ;)
    I have you discovered about the blog Innen & Aussen :) Since then I follow you as a regular reader. Your Blog in three words :

    * luxury
    * honest
    * modern



  77. Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt nicht mehr, über welchen anderen Blog ich dich gefunden habe - Hauptsache, ich habe dich gefunden! Ich mag deine Reviews und deinen guten Geschmack, was Make up und Farben angeht. Die Vergleichsswatches mag ich dabei besonders gern - manchmal ist es ein bisschen viel Text, aber das braucht man ja nicht lesen, wenn gerade keine Zeit ist!
    Da du so viel Make up besitzt - vielleicht könntest du mal deine Must Have Blushes vorstellen?
    Ansonsten dein Blog in drei Worten: fundiert, High End, verlässlich!

    Lg, Lisi (

  78. Happy blog-birthday!!
    The picture is extremely cute btw. :)

    I think I found your blog through the BJ forum. And I subbed because of the great, in-depth reviews, I get the feeling you've really always tried the products, writing the review not just for the sake of writing reviews but sharing tipps & experiences, your photos are great, the comparison swatches priceless.
    Usually I also find the product selection very appealing, thus pretty much every post is interesting to me, plus you stick to the (huge!) beauty topic, thankfully no sudden cake or ham recipes thrusted into your face amongst pictures of powder blush & eyeshadows here. ^^

    Briefly I'd describe your blog as detailed, luxurious, inspiring.


  79. Happy blog-birthday! I think I found your blog through Facebook page of Rouge Bunny Rouge. I love how thorough your reviews are, there are always many photos and you cover every aspect of the products. I like your blog just how it is, and I don't think I'd "change" anything. Three words: luxurious, elegant and up-to-date.

    x Klara (GFC: Klara)

  80. Ich habe dich ebenfalls über das BJ Forum gefunden, seitdem verfolge ich dich auch (eigentlich über Bloglovin', jetzt aber auch über GFC).

    Ich mag deine Liebe zur High End Kosmetik, deine Ehrlichkeit und die vielen Eye Candy Fotos, die man hier zu sehen bekommt. Du hast einen sehr guten Geschmack und postest gute Fotos. Die vielen Swatches haben mir ab und an schon weitergeholfen. :) Am liebsten sind mir (nicht nur bei dir) Favoritenposts.

    Ich lese auch nicht immer jeden Text, aber das würde ich nicht als negativen Punkt sehen - die Texte sind gut und wichtig.

    In 3 Worten? Hm...

    -hochwertig (gute Produkte, sehr gute Fotos)

    -clean (im Sinne von übersichtlich & organisiert)

    -informativ (klingt langweilig, ist mir aber wichtig!)

    Fehlende Themen fallen mir eigentlich keine ein.

    luisahauser ät yahoo de

  81. hello :) happy blog birthday :) I found out about your blog while searching for rmk brush reviews. I really like how you reviewed these brushes planning on purchasing my own brushes by next year. :) I subscribe to your blog via GFC because of the nice product reviews and fotd posts :)

    GFC: Anne

  82. Hi! Im addict to "collect" makeup brushes and found your blog last week searching for hakuhodo brushes reviews and i just got stuck reading all the great and very detailed reviews you do... writing very well, taking lots of pictures for comparisson swatches. (sorry for the my poor english)

    Happy 1 year blog birthday! :D


  83. I found your blog when i was searching hakuhodo reviews, i suscribe becouse i saw your old posts, you love the brushes and have a big collection i'm starting mine so your opinions really help me to decide my purchases,as well as through your blog I've read about good brands of brushes that I never knew existed.

    I like that you write your blog entries very often, the products that your reviews are high end, you give an honest opinion and very well explained. I can think of something I don't like about your blog, every day I check if you've written something new, even sometimes i do this two or more times at day.

    About the topics I have no suggestions because I'm still learning, but if i had to say .... would be a death list, about the products you need to have those who really make a difference when using them.


  84. Alles Gute und Liebe zum Bloggeburtstag :)

    Also auf deinen Blog bin ich über Me von Innen&Außen gekommen und 3 Worte die den blog beschreiben wären : -wunderschön gestaltet (viele Eyecandys etc.) -häufige Posts -gute, objektive Reviews

    Mach weiter so es ist wirklich immer wieder eine Freude neue Brush-Weekends oder ähnliches auf deinem Blog zu genießen :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Passion (auch GFC Name)

  85. Happy Blog Birthday!

    I found your blog when I was looking for reviews on Suqqu/Hakuhodo brushes. I'm generally obsessed with brushes and I really appreciated your in-depth reviews and pictures. Honestly, I don't know how I would "improve" your blog since your photos and reviews are so helpful to me and I love your taste in makeup and makeup brushes.

    Three words: Detailed, Gorgeous, and Addicting!

    ahrumg at gmail dot com

  86. I found your blog when I was in Berlin with my university class :D I finally had the chance to go to mac and to buy me some brushes and i remember googleing which ones are a "must-have". This is how I discovered your blog. I rememember writing you last-minute style in the comment box which brushes you suggest and you answered immediatley. After that i started visiting your blog on a daily basis. Your blog is probably my favorite one and theres nothing that i dislike about it. I'm a sucker for a nice and even skin, beautiful blushes and good brushes and this is exactly what your blog is about. I really like about you and your blog that i have the feeling that i can trust you and that you know what you are talking about. Hahaaha i just love your blog!

  87. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser ganz besonderen Gelegenheit!

    Ich glaube, ich habe Deinen Blog zufällig über das beautyjunkies-Forum entdeckt und mich sofort "verliebt"! Ich freue mich jedes Mal, wenn ich sehe, dass ein neuer Beitrag online ist. Ich denke, es ist die Mischung aus Deinen tollen, vielseitigen Reviews, den bezaubernden Make-Ups und Swatches und den wunderbaren Produktfotos, die Deinen Blog so besonders machen. Es steckt so viel Liebe zum Detail darin!
    Ich fühle mich "bei Dir" immer wie im Museum - ich kann diese ganzen wunderbaren Schmink-Schätze einfach nur bewundern und finde es toll, obwohl ich genau weiß, dass ich selbst sie nie besitzen werde :)
    Und ich finde es super, dass Du auf Englisch schreibst! Also: Bloß keine Änderungen. Bitte, bitte immer weiter so.

    In drei Worten: faszinierend - global - wunderschön :)

    Silberkind - silberkind(at)

  88. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :)

    Ich habe deinen Blog über die Verlinkung bei den BJs gefunden und lese ihn seitdem regelmäßig. :)

    Dein Stil gefällt mir immer richtig gut, besonders deine AMUs. Die inspirieren mich auch manchmal, vor allem deine Auswahl an Taupetönen finde ich super.

    Liebe Grüße

  89. Hey! Harry blog birthday!!! its so nice of you to host a christmas-blog anniversary giveaway for all us your readers! i love the products you used since they are my some of my fave ones (i mean narciso rodriguez come on who doesn't love him? and guerlain? i wanted to buy the p. de nuit but i couldn't find it anywhere in my country :( sadly)
    so as you can see i am a fan of your blog via gfc and my email is rockingfashion @ hotmail. com

  90. Ohhh this is not another entry this is me being silly and forgeting to write my answer to where i found out your blog, why i like it and what i would like to see...
    hope that you don't disqualify me just because i am stupid enough to not write it in one message, oh please please don't :(
    so basically i found out your blog through a friend of mine who is already a fan of yours, she was the one that got me interested into the blogsphere, until that moment i didn't have a blogger account and i couldn't communicate with any bloggers, so basically i've learnt from her for your blog, the reason i keep reading is that you don't talk only about the popular expensive brands and products but for any kind of products and that i appreciate, and also you are always honest with us and tell us if you don't like a product, i like that to a beauty blog, for the blogger to be honest and tell us that a product sucks so that we know it...
    one thing i would like to see in your blog though is you to show us how to clean up our skin, how to make is smooth and what kind of products we should use based on our type of skin, also maybe tell us what shade of highlighter, eye pensils and lipsticks we should use based on our skin color, cause its nice seeing you wear the products and tell us all about them,but i am too pale to wear the ones you apply on you, so i would like to see something for my very pale skin, i mean a bigger variety of articles and suggestions....ohhh one thing and please don't take it personally, i am not offending you, try to not take so many pics of one product, i think that taking two or three pics (general, zoomed) is great but taking 5-6 pics of it or generally making pics of the same product its a bit irritating, again i hope that you don't take it in the wrong way...
    generally i think that your blog is quite creative and stands out from the rest beauty blogs due to the quality of your reviews and you being honest with us...
    again my email is rockingfashion@ hotmail. com and i am of course a gfc fan of yours

  91. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while googling for a review on Atelier shadows since it's not sold here in the US to try out. After that initial review on your blog, i thought i would just browse through a couple of entries before going to bed but couldn't help myself thoroughly reading more than a few entries (for tonight anyways;)). I like how thorough but yet to the point you are and your passion for all things beauty really shows! Can't wait to read the rest. Oh and of course Happy Anniversary/ 1st Birthday on your blog, and here's to many more!

  92. Congrats on your bloggy birthday! I have been a follower for a while now, stumbled upon your blog from another blog. I really appreciate your posts, and love the pictures you take! So i will wait for more, and maybe you can include some random food posts as well?

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  93. Amazing giveaway!:)
    gfc: haditaDal

  94. I found your blog because you left a comment at Karen MBB's blog :) I love delicate hummingbird because the brands you feature are great and not all blogs feature these.

    my email is stepfordwitch at gmail (dot) com

  95. Hi, I don't remember how I found your blog, but I've been subscribed through google rss for quite a while. I also subscribed through GFC as Emily R.

    I posted on my new-ish blog here:

    I might also email you a makeup look later today!

  96. Ich fand deinen Blog, dadurch dass du mal auf einen anderen Blog verlinkt wurdest. Ich war fasziniert von der riesigen Auswahl an produkten und hab deswegen auf verfolgen geklickt :)
    mir gefallen die abwechslungsreichen posts.

    Liebe Grüße Astrid aus Österreich.

  97. I don't remember how I found your blog, probably searching for Guerlain reviews or a link off some other blog.

    I keep reading because you review HE products and have full face/eye shots of you wearing them. And we have similar skin color so I can pretty much know how the color will look on me after seeing your review :)

    The only thing that bugs me is how big your header image is since I have to scroll down a bit to get to the content every time I click a page.

    In three words:

    Awesome on google friend connect

  98. Congratulations on the blog anniversary!!

    I believe I found your blog through a reference in another blog I follow. What attracted me to it was the nice clean soft look (dainty-ish), great quality images and I thought: hey, this is a blog I would love to read everyday. Plus I adore the name you gave to it :D

    I can't say that there are things I don't like on your blog, since you write insightful, very detailed reviews and have great pictures to accompany them.

    If I have to choose (only) three words to describe this beauty "diary" would be: dainty, refined, ladylike.

    my GFC: the curious duckling
    my email alinatd68 at gmail dot com

  99. I have just discovered your blog, enter me please!!

    I follow you as globetrotter and my email is loliyaaaa(at)


  100. Ich bin glaub ich im Beauty-Junkies Forum über dich gestolpert :)
    Und ich habe einen kleinen Post verfasst:

    Lg, Bambi

  101. Congrats!!! :) Thank you for a lovely giveaway. I found your blog about 6ish months ago, I think another blogger linked to a post and have visited (silently) since then. I thought I was following on GFC, but apparently wasn't- am now (I don't use google reader). Love you blog, your swatches are always lovely and your series posts (like when you did gold) are my favorites. To many more! (GFC name- Danielle

  102. my gfc sofiaesther
    my email
    I found your blog searching in google. I love your blog because you talk about beauty and beauty products.

  103. GFC: Katherine

    I found your blog through some else's blog roll. I stuck around because you take such great photos! :) I also like hearing about German brands.

  104. Hey! Thanks for this giveaway! And congrats for ur blog anniversary.

    GFC: Alba M U

    Have a nice day

  105. Hi! I found your blog through Tiffany's blog ( I immediately saw BLUSHES that's why I love your blog!! <3 I don't blog but I only follow blogs I love ever since I made my account.

    Happy Holidays!

    GFC: esifwuble

  106. Hi! I found your blog through another one, but I can't remember which was! I was long time ago now.

    Thank you for this giveaway!


  107. Found your blog through "Will Work for Makeup's" recent post about her favorite blogs. You've quickly become one of my favorites, too! Love looking at the pictures of your swatches, love your reviews, and love living vicariously through those pictures you have of your endless make-up stashes. Happy holidays! Thanks for holding this giveaway.


    GFC: Regina and Torie

  108. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congratulations for gaining 1500+ followers! I found your blog when I searched for NARS blushes! I don't know which one to choose and I found your swatches accurate & clear! The photos are really nice! :)

    Topics I wish to see covered here are drugstore brands like Revlon and Maybelline.

    I would describe your blog as REAL, PRETTY & FAB!

    GFC: Cecile A.

  109. I found your blog while searching for the swatch of L'Oreal HiP duo in Electrified, but your amazing collection and posts have led me to want a lot more (Cargo blushes *coughs*)! I don't want to sound like a racist or anything, but I do pay special attention to blogs owned by bloggers of similar ethnic origin because I think they give me a better idea of how something will work for/look on me. On top of that you also live in continental Europe! I've had a lot of problems finding certain products here, but your site has tipped me off about a lot of good shopping websites! It's really amazing! I love how your evaluation of each product is very precise and detailed. Also, you don't start raving about something in an overwhelming way. I've seen too much of that, and it makes me skeptical!

    GFC: Sunny

  110. Glückwunsch zum Bloggeburtstag! :)
    Ich bin mir nicht sicher, aber ich glaub, ich bin auf deinen Blog gestoßen durch einen Kommentar auf einem anderen Blog. Welchen, weiß ich nicht mehr :D Ich mag am meisten die Vergleichs- und Alternativenswatches, das ist echt schön :) Meine 3 Worte für den Blog: vielfältig, hochwertig, detailliert!

  111. Glückwunsch zum Bloggeburtstag! :)
    Ich bin mir nicht sicher, aber ich glaub, ich bin auf deinen Blog gestoßen durch einen Kommentar auf einem anderen Blog. Welchen, weiß ich nicht mehr :D Ich mag am meisten die Vergleichs- und Alternativenswatches, das ist echt schön :) Meine 3 Worte für den Blog: vielfältig, hochwertig, detailliert. Mach weiter so!

    GFC: myu

  112. I discoverd your blog, because you're a member at In the beginning I would click your signature when stumbling upon it, but recently I got really hooked with your blog. I like your way of wearing make-up alot. It is obvious that you are wearing eye-make-up, but at the same time it always looks somewhat subtle and elegant. Additionaly I like your product reviews and the choice of products you use. I must admit though that I am less interested in the things which are very difficult to buy from Germany. Nevertheless the diversity of brands is something that makes your blog unique. Maybe I would like to see more Artdeco products, because I'm interested in buying a couple of their e/s at the moment.
    Thinking about three words that could be used to describe your blog I would say: elegant, natural, unique

  113. i discovered your blog when i was searching for blush swatches and you had so many swatches of tons of products i wanted to try out. i love how you take a pic of the swatches as well as on your face to see what it looks like worn and i wouldn't mind seeing more favorites post personally :) 3 words i would choose are clear swatches & pics

  114. Hallo,
    alles jute zum Geburtstag..und weiterhin viel Spass mit uns Lesern, die nicht immer einfach sind (zeigen mir die Kommentare). Wenn ich dein Gift schon sehe, tritt bei mir das "haben wollen Gefühl ein) :-))).


  115. Huhu!

    Was für ein toller Preis. Wooowww! Ich habe dich über die Beautyjunkies gefunden. Ich bin dort auch schon lange angemeldet und war von Anfang an Leser bei dir. Habe dich auch in der Blogroll von meinenm Blog. Super klasse Bilder und tolle Reviews. Alles Gute zum Bloggeburtstag und auf noch viele weitere tolle Posts!!
    LG Ripleys

  116. I chanced by your blog when i was searching for foundations match as i dont hve access to beauty brands like GA and had to purchase it online.

    I love ur blog as u r such a lover for a brand (for blusher). Def loves to see more udpates on tat and also more eyeshadow looks.

  117. hi!

    I have discovered your blog when I was looking for NARS blush Orgasm, anD I love and need it! Really nice pics!

    I follow you as WOWS

    withorwithoutshoes at gmail dot com

    Kisses and Merry Christmas

  118. Ich bin durch irgendeine Produktsuche hier gelandet und war von den guten Reviews so begeistert, dass ich gleich da geblieben bin ;)
    Informativ, Chic, Luxoriös.


  119. I love your taste in makeup and love how honestly you talk about each product. Your attention to detail is also fantastic :) I've been reading your blog for so long I've actually forgotten how I found your blog! It was a good day though :)

    I follow as Dempeaux (GFC and Twitter)

  120. Alles gute zum Bloggeburtstag, ich verfolge deinen Blog noch nicht so lange, aber bin total begeistert :)

    Liebe Grüße Vanessa

  121. i discovered your blog when i was looking for swatches from Catrice and Essence, which i loooooove!!! i love your blog because it's simple, it's clear, the pictures are in good quality and you are beautiful! i already bought some products after reading your blog, and i'm very happy with it! Have a nice day!

  122. HAPPY B(log)-DAY ;)

    Folge dir als: FETiSH PiNK

    Liebe Grüße

  123. I discovered your blog in the blogroll of another beauty blog I was reading and as I really liked your detailed and honest reviews, I subscribed. :)
    I really love your eye make-ups and your comparisons! And I honestly have to say, there isn't anything I don't like at all. :D
    I would love to see more colourful eye make-ups. ;)
    In three words, well I would describe it as structured, detailed and honest!

    LG Kate
    GFC: ChicagoChampagneToast

  124. tell me how you found my blog and what made you subscribe? what do you like and what you don't? are there topics you wish to see covered on here? in 3 words, how would you describe my blog?

    Ich bin glaub ich über das Beautyjunkies Forum auf deinen Blog gestoßen, als er noch ziemlich "frisch" war, bin mir aber nicht mehr so sicher! Ich hab dich abonniert, weil du über seltene, zum Teil unerreichbare Marken schreibst und wunderschöne Produkte vorstellst, bei denen ich manchmal schon sehr neidisch bin ;)

    Ich finde wirklich gut, wie und worüber du schreibst, habe also sonst keine Wünsche!

    3 Wörter um deinen Blog zu beschreiben: Luxus, Gold :) und Habenwill!

    Mein GFC Name ist Cream und meine Emailadresse creamsbeautyblog (at) gmx (punkt) de

  125. I have no idea how I found your blog. All I can say is that when I first saw it I was almost glued to the screen! I love your posts and pictures!

    I follow via GFC as Atqa Beauty (atqabeauty[at]gmail[dot]com)

  126. Hi..
    Happy Blog Birthday.. Wish U all success in your blogging. I landed over your blog through google search. It was very informative and subscribed. You have a so much informative content, clear pictures,swatches,many product reviews & updates.I liked everything in your blog.
    Expect hair & skin care posts.
    3 words best described your blog..

    GFC :- Nima
    Email :-

    Happy bloggin & Keep goin..:)

  127. Alles gute zum Bloggeburtstag! :-)

    Bei so einem tollen Gewinn nehme ich gerne an dem Gewinnspiel teil!
    Mein Name bei GFC ist Lex10...


  128. I dont really remember how I found your blog but I subscribe to you because of your great reviews with a wide variety of products / brands and comparison.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  129. Almost missed out on this one....

    Well, I found your blog googling for Hakuhodo brush reviews and one thing led to another and I started browsing other posts on your blog, I subscribed because I liked your taste and also because you are in europe!
    I absolutely love your product reviews :)

  130. Hi! I'm Neptuno_avista.
    I discover your blog in the blogroll of another blog I usually read. I started seeing your reviews, and I loved it, so I subscribed it. I love your posts about eyeshadows and the makeups you do with them. Honestly I don't remember any suggestion to give you. Sorry. I think your blog is informative, inspiring and appealing (especially by the products that you speak) :)

    Thank you for the giveway.

  131. Ich lese deinen Blog regelmäßig..nur irgendwie hab ich mich nie angemeldet :D Seltsam :D Bist sogar in meinem Blogroll :) Das ist irgendwie untergegangen.

    Ich liebe einfach deien Art wie du schreibst und deine Bilder mag ich sehr. Ich könnte hier Stundenlang verweilen :) Wirklich toller Blog :)


  132. Wie ich ihn gefunden habe weiss ich nicht mehr..hatte das vergessen zu schreiben :D sorry!

  133. Hi, please, enter me.
    GFC Nick: GlamInYourVein
    I discovered your blog on another blog. I've like your make up products entries.

    Thank you.

  134. I actually found your blog through another blog's 'best posts of the week' summaries. I forget which blog but I'm so glad I found your blog. I have a similar interest in products, especially the blushes and highlighters you review, which is why I subscribed. I love that you add swatches and face shots of the product on you. It really helps a lot to see what it looks like on the face. I've only been following for a short while but I'd love to see some skincare posts too. I think that your blog is very organized, informative, and thorough. Thanks so much for holding this giveaway! Thank you ~ Christina/tkristi123(google)

  135. Erstmal herzliche Gratulation zum ersten Bloggeburtstag.
    Natürlich würde ich auch gerne mitmachen.

    Ich weiss nicht mehr genau, wie ich dich gefunden habe, ich glaube es war via das Forum. Mich sprachen die Fotos und die Art und Weise wie geschrieben wurde sehr an und darum hab ich dich abonniert. Ich habe keine konkreten Verbesserungsvorschläge, mir gefällt dein Blog sehr und auch wenn ich selten kommentiere, lese ich immer mit.

    Ich kann deinen Blog wohl nicht in 3 Worten beschreiben, aber ich würde etwa folgende 3 Punkte besonders hervorheben:
    - klare, gute Fotos
    - schnörkellos geschrieben (Infos statt blabla)
    - tolle Produkte werden vorgestellt.

    Ich folge dir via GFC als Mora.

  136. GFC: Nic
    e-mail: ninanicc at gmail dot com

    Happy bloggiversary :)
    I've been following your blog from the beginning and I love your swatches :)

    Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway and I hope you will celebrate many more blogging years :)

  137. Hallo, ich weiß leider nicht mehr wie ich auf deinen Blog gestoßen bin. :( Aber seitdem ich ihn kenne, verfolge ich ihn wirklich sehr gerne. Ich mag es, dass du auf englisch blogst (da verbessert sich mein Englisch) und ich mag die Themen.
    In 3 Worten: trendy, kreativ, interessant

    GFC: One Moment


    Frohe Weihnachten!

  138. Happy anniversary! :)
    I found your blog when I was looking for some swatches... to be exact - Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs.
    I don't have any suggestions - I like the way your blog is. Passionate, honest and interesting :)
    I subscribed your blog because I treat it as a kind of encyclopedia :)

  139. Happy Anniversary! That powder is beautiful!

  140. Wie ich deinen Blog gefunden habe, weiß ich gar nicht mehr. Er hat mir von dem ersten Satz an gefallen und ich habe ihn erstmal von vorne bis hinten durchgelesen ;).
    Ich mag deine Art und deine Fotos und auch deine Produktauswahl ist toll!

    Viele Grüße

  141. I've been following you for some time with Bloglovin and I'm now following you with GFC as well.Happy blog birthday!
    I don't remember how or when I found and followed you, but it was because of your amazing pictures, swatches and reviews. Your blog in 3 words would be chic, delicate and elegant!

  142. Ich habe dich durch einen anderen Blog gefunden - weiss leider nicht mehr welchen! Ich mag an deinem Blog die grosse Auswahl an Produkten, deine ehrliche Beurteilung und du machst immer sehr aufschlussreiche Vergleichswatches mit anderen Produkten. Man kann dann wirlich abschätzen ob man das Produkt XY wirklich noch braucht oder der der gleiche Effekt mit einem "home-produkt" hat ;-))!
    In drei Worten würde ich sagen: auswahlreich, ausführlich, englisch ;-))!
    Alles Liebe und mach bitte weiter so ;-)!

  143. Hallo

    erstmal herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburstag. Ich habe deinen Blog bei den Beautyjunkies entdeckt und habe dich gefollowt- mir hatte es gefallen, dass du immer viele Produkte verglichen hast.
    Seitdem klicke ich fast täglich rein und lese mir alles gerne durch-vorallem mag ich es,dass ich hier eigtl keine Drogeriekosmetik vorfinde,sondern nur High End.

    Deinen Blog würde ich als

    interessant, liebevoll und ausführlich beschreiben.

    Ich verfolge dich via GFC bombonesmalos

    und Mail

    Noch frohe Rest Weihnachten


  144. Hallo,

    deinen Blog habe ich, denke mal so vor einen halben Jahr, über Jettie gefunden. Aboniert habe ich dich weil mir die Art wie schreibst gefällt und du machst immer so viele, qualitativ hochwertige Fotos.
    Deinen Blog würde ich als

    ausführlich, detailverliebt und informativ

    beschreiben :)

    Liebe Grüße
    nettemomo ät googlemail punkt com

  145. GFC : mojemakaze
    Email :

  146. HEEEYYY!! What a pretty giveaway.
    I follow through GFC as TamaraB.
    I found your blog when I was looking for swatches of NARS blushes through google and I love it! When you post a new post, I always stop by to see what you are going to say about the product. Your reviews are just my taste and very thorough. I love that you always include different lighting of one product. It lets us see the true dimensions. I would describe your blog as light, informative, and intriguing.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!


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