Nov 30, 2011


this year, i'm super proud to be part of the probably most amazing blogger gang evvvaa, together we're hosting a lovely advent calendar which means giveaway-fest for you!
each day starting with December 1st, another fabulous blog will open its doors with a 24h-giveaway (and psst, i've heard of some amazing prizes!) until Christmas Eve.
on special days like St. Nicholas (Dec 6th), 4th Advent (Dec 18th) and Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) there will be even two! my calendar-door will open for you on Dec 18th, don't forget to check in for an awesome giveaway package!

i'm so happy about how beautiful everything turned out (you may have noticed will all the superlatives ;D) and we even have a makeup-christmas-song for you to get the vibe:

sing it with us!

Bloggin' around the Christmas tree, yeah it's make up party time.
 Open a present every day, oh no that's not a crime.
Bloggin' around the Christmas tree, let the christmas feelings flow.
Guerlain and Dior, MAC and NARS, they are making our cheeks glow.
You will never get enough of make up, that's okay.
Let's enjoy this feeling together if it's nice or stormy weather.
Bloggin' around the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday!
Everyone's happy, we hope you enjoy our christmas give-away!

now the most important part: the key to the giveaways a.k.a. our link-list!
click on each avatar to get to the blog-of-the-day. of course i will link this post on the sidebar so that you can't oversee it ;) 
so check in regularly, have a nice time, feel lucky and maybe you'll be lucky! and if you feel stressed from all the pre-christmas to-do's, sing it away with our jingle!

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special thanks go to Frau Kirschvogel for our fantastic banner, My Private Jet for the great title, Suki for the rocking lyrics and the link-image, Valerie for her beautiful voice and I Paint My World for uploading the song on youtube! without these uber-creative chicks this collab wouldn't ever have become so sensational!


  1. Super Aktion, ich bin gespannt und freue mich! :) Sowohl das Motto als auch der Banner und der Song sind großartig. Habe jetzt schon einen Ohrwurm... ;)

  2. This is so sweet! You are awesome!

  3. This looks like a really gorgeous project already!!

    Hugs & happy Advent to you!

  4. I love the song! Awesome project, indeed. Happy holidays to everyone :)


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