Aug 28, 2011

Winner of Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Glitter Pigment!

thank you everyone who has entered this little giveaway!

and congratulations to    CHARLIE     who has won!!!!

this was the comment:

Charlie said...
I have been umming and ahhing about this for so long and today I placed an order with Zuneta and didn't order it... I regretted it as soon as I placed the order! So this is timely! I'd love to win this.

Charlie, please send me an email with your contact data so i can send out the package to you soon!

sadly, there were a bunch of entries that i couldn't consider since they were either double-entries, came from unregistered readers or came in too late :(
i wanted to loosen the rules a bit so everyone could enter, but then it would've been unfair to many who didn't enter due to the conditions. please check the "rules" quickly next time ;)

a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my 1000 GFC-readers post. it blew me away! and since almost everyone wanted the GUERLAIN palette as a giveaway prize, i think that will be it. but stay tuned, i will have more amazing things to add to it ;)


  1. Glückwunsch an die Gewinnerin!!!

  2. Ahhh! Me! Thank you, you've made my day! Completely, I'll email you in a moment xx

  3. u were tagged ;)


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