Jun 14, 2011

Essence eyeshadow in Party All Night

i'm on quite a gold eyeshadow hunt lately since i saw a girl with an amazing gold eyeshadow but missed the chance to ask her what she had worn on her lids. it was a rather cool tone gold, medium darkness but with beautiful yellow gold shimmer. so i tried out several gold shades at home and in the drugstore but until now i haven't found a good match.
this eyeshadow, Essence #35 Party All Night is a test purchase - in store and in the pan it looks just like what i wanted, but unfortunately the halogen lights above the displays skew the result and swatched under normal daylight it looks a lot less than my expectations.
it's one of their fairly new shades with a metallic finish. in the pan it looks like a golden taupe with lots of gold shimmer and sparkles, swatched it's still a golden taupe but with a rather flat white sheen. however it's one of the better textured Essence eyeshadows, finely milled and applies smooth and even with a medium pigmentation but sheer finish. it builds up nicely and blends very well. if i wasn't that specific about the gold shade i wanted, i would be more pleased with it - but with my inner picture of that rich gold shimmer i'm searching for, the flat pale gold sheen of Party All Night is quite a let down for me.
the very fine, almost creamy texture combined with the sheen is another problem: it accentuates every bit and line of my skin, making my lids look a bit crumpled and old (although they're obviously not ;)). this is only minimal on me, but i don't think it would look good on more mature skin. it doesn't last too long without creasing (maybe also because of the creamy texture?), i get about 7h when used over a primer.
overall, it's just ok. for the money i paid (i think it was something about 1.55€ for 2.5g) i shouldn't complaint. it still is a nice everyday neutral that could work on it's own but also combined in a more dramatic look as a light-catcher thanks to it's reflective finish. i especially like it on the lower lashline.

this is how it looks worn:
a neutral brown eye with Party All Night in the inner half of the lid and on the lower lashline, on the outer parts i used a matte chocolate brown.

another version, Party All Night on the lid and lower lashline with a teal liner

no real dupes in my stash (that came to my mind yet), other than Catrice Mr. Copper's Fields.
Essence Party All Night - Catrice Mr. Copper's Fields
Essence Party All Night - Catrice Mr. Copper's Fields


  1. I like this one and I wear it a lot as a crease color. Works perfectly :-) I wear light golds a lot as the "main color", so it is sufficiently darker!

    Relatable Style

  2. One word: gorgeous. I really like the shimmer in this shadow.

  3. i love these colours! its beautiful. :)

  4. Sehr schöner Farbton - ich liebe ja solche Gold- und Bronzetöne in allen Varianten ;)!

  5. I love essence colors, I have a giveaway now on my blog with essence baked eye shadows

  6. i have this color and love it very much <3

  7. @lili: it sounds great as a crease colour, i should try it with a paler gold. thank you!

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: thank you!

    @cosmeticsaddicted: thank you!

    @principessa constanze: ich bin diesen sommer auch völlig verrückt nach gold und goldigem bronze bei allen produkten. all die jahre hab ich eig. nen bogen drum gemacht, weil ich dachte dass sie mir nicht stehen würden.

    @maya: sounds great!

    @blumenband: i really like it, too. it's quite special in essence's range.

  8. I bought three Essence eyeshadows when I visited Germany in May including a metallic purple one and I think they're great...now I kindof wish I had bought more as they were so cheap and I don't think you can buy them here in the UK. Next time I'm in Germany I'm going to be stocking up.


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