Jun 30, 2011

Catrice Out Of Space collection - a dupe for Chanel Rose Platine?

i discovered the new LE display of Catrice some days ago, the new futuristic collection is called Out Of Space. i bought two items to try, a nail polish and a gel eyeliner.

the gel eyeliner is called C03 Silver's Shuttle, a medium shimmery silver. there was one more colour (a shimmery champagne) that interested me, but it was sold out.
it contains 2.2g and cost about 3.95€.
i really like the packaging, it comes in a glass jar with a reflecting silver lid with a holographic design on it.
the consistency is a lot harder than their regular gel liners, it's like a buttery cream. the texture is not very smooth because of the microglitter particles, but when i coat my eyeliner brush well it applies evenly and builds up to an opaque finish easily. i like to wear it a bit sheer on the lower lashline thanks to its light catching qualities, the shade is too light for me to frame my upper lashline. by giving a cool toned shine it really reminds me of Chanel's Rose Platine eyeliner but the Chanel liner is more complex and tan because of its copper sparkle bits so it blends in your skin colour more beautiful. the effect on the lower lash line is almost comparable, though. i think this is a good affordable alternative to Chanel Rose Platine for everyone who missed it. the longevity is good, but not as good as with Chanel - the rub test shows it impressively.

this is how it looks worn:

i'm wearing it on the outer half of the lid and on the lower lashline.

comparison to Chanel Rose Platine

Catrice Silver's Shuttle left - Chanel Rose Platine right

after the rub-test:
Catrice is almost completely faded while Chanel still goes strong.

the nail polish is called C02 Houston's Favourite, a dark navy base colour with tons of teal shimmer and microglitter. it contains 9ml and costs 2.49€. it has the same flat wide brush as the regular nail polishes by Catrice. the texture is good, it applies evenly and streak-free. drying time is average but because of the sparkling bits it dries down to a rather dull finish which requires a shiny top coat. i already had very apparent tip wear after 1 day.


  1. Ich habe mir die Nuance C01 Empire Behind The Sun geholt und bin nicht begeistert. Am Auge auch kaum zu sehen :(

  2. Der Lack sieht ganz schön aus mit dem Schimmer-Effekt.
    Auch wenn der Gel-Eyeliner nicht wischfest ist, ist er dennoch keine schlechte und vorallem erschwingliche Alternative zu Rose Platine...

  3. Ich werde mir von der LE garnichts holen, bin immer noch stinkig auf Catrice wegen der furchtbaren Papagena LE. Dafür hab ich heute nochmal dicke bei HQHair zugeschlagen :D Falls dus noch nicht mitbekommen hast, mit FLASHMOB gibts 20 % :)

  4. And the winner is ....
    Catrice kann leider nicht mithalten!!!
    LG :)

  5. I like nail polish a lot!! I'll have a look at Catrice stand here :)

    Just a question... What about the giveaway winner? :)

  6. @danib001: ich wollte die 01 probieren, leider war sie überall ausverkauft. ich denke das ist eher so ein nude-sheen. kann aber manchmal nett sein.

    @principessa constanze: ja, es ist kein richtiges dupe, aber ein ähnlicher effekt. leider bloß sind die le-artikel von catrice in der regel noch viel schneller ausverkauft als chanel.

    @cream: was war denn so schlecht an der papagena? ich hab mir nix geholt und deswegen auch nichts mitbekommen...
    (psst...was gab's denn bei hqhair für dich?)

    @lillylibelle: yeah, almost, huh?

    @karo: chanel ist einfach viel komplexer. und die haftung ist ja mal um welten besser ;)

    @papish: that's too bad, i think catrice does some great stuff!
    and the giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon ;)

  7. Would you by anychance know an e-retailer who sells Catrice? Love some of their products but can not find them in France. Thank you so much

  8. @honor:i don't know of any, but there are always many popular limited edition items on ebay. sadly the sellers always charge much too high amounts (sometimes more than 4x) for the products.

  9. That is a very impressive dupe, I must say! I also love the look of the nail polish, such a pretty color!

  10. ich finde die le irgendwie langweilig, mich interessiert davon nicht wirklich was.
    aber guter vergleich mit dem chanel rose platine :)


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