Mar 31, 2011

Artdeco Aqua Glow Bronzing Collection haul

today i found the new summer collection from Artdeco by chance. it's called "Aqua Glow Bronzing Collection", the colour scheme consists of bronze and turquoise shades and it also contains some bronzing products. not very innovative but a safe look for the summer.
i initially only wanted to take a look at the multichrome nail polish, one of 6 new iridescent shades, too see if it's similar to one of the recently released versions by Essence and Catrice. after a bit swatchy swatchy i got home with some eyeshadows of the collection, too ;)

Ceramic Nail Lacquer in #225

this is a multichrome nail polish, which probably is the "new" trend for this year (after Deborah Lippmann and OPI now the drugstore brands take an attempt on this). it has a grey-mauve base colour with a turquoise/gold green pearl that flashes deep blue and purple. it's unlike my other multichromes, more green/blue without any pink hues. the consistency is very good, also the rather soft round brush, but it's very sheer. i can't seem to build it up to full opacity, i think it needs a base colour to develop it's full effect. it contains 6ml and costs 7.39€ (which i find much too expensive for a drugstore-type brand and so little product - i am shocked right now as i take a look at the receipt!)

Nubar Purple Beach - Catrice Iron Mermaiden - Artdeco #225 - Essence Where Is The Party - Zoya Ki


i like the magnetic system, but i always get around buying a new palette although my other one is already filled. i find them too expensive. i also think that Artdeco needs some product names, i hate numbering systems.
the texture of the eyeshadows are normally rather soft, these shades in particular are all very fine and buttery. i have no problems with Artdeco eyeshadows in creasing or fading in general if i use an eyeshadow base underneath. they contain 1g and cost 4.69€.

is a shimmery medium tan/bronze shade with rose hues. it reminds me of the light shade in NARS Kalahari duo, i need to take some comparison photos soon.

is a shimmery light aqua blue with a gold pearl. it's rather sheer, but looks great layered on darker shades. i don't have eyeshadows like this yet (other than in my super colourful 88-pan-palettes) i use such colours too rarely to invest in them.

is a shimmery sky blue with a blue pearl. i will wear this on the outer lower lashline in summer, combined with a neutral eyeshadow on the lid. also with this, no really comparable shades as i rarely use such colours. i only have darker blues.


  1. Uhhh, die 57 muss ich mir mal genauer anschauen, erinnert mich an MACs Parrot (so aus der Ferne) einer meiner liebsten. Brauche zwar definitiv keine Alternative (Moment wo kommen nur die 20 Lidschatten aus der Familie her??) und ich habe sogar ein Backup, was aber nicht heißt, dass nicht doch noch ein Plätzchen für ihn hätte. (ich habe auch noch leere Paletten XD)
    Ich mag es immer wenn Artdeco diese "Kauf 4 Lidschatten und du bekommst die Palette umsonst dazu" Aktionen hat.

  2. Mmh 225 könnte den Fotos nach ein Dupe für Black Pearl sein, oder irre ich mich?

  3. Those multichromes are quite fascinating in a way.. even though purple is really not my favourite color I've been wearing the essence polish a _lot_. Id love some orange/green ones.

    Actually I myself have quite a nice stash of blueish, turqouise-toned eyeshadows, which is weird looking at what I actually wear and like now happened when I was identified as color season type summer. But the 'rules' don't really suit me and those shades are only for sparse and occasional use for me, too.

  4. @lalaith: oh, da hab ich ja gar nicht geguckt, ob es hier auch für 4 e/s eine palette gratis gab... hmmmpf! naja, egal, diese kleinen paletten finde ich sowieso eher platzraubend.

    @frauseltsam: black pearl ist um ne ganze ecke dunkler, aber über einem schwarzen (dunklen) lack könnte der effekt ähnlich sein...

    @2espresso: yes, those multichromes are in fact a bit capturing, hein?

  5. The aqua blue shade is marvellous :)

  6. Ich habe auch zwei große Paletten (einmal 10 einmal 12), die kleinen die es gratis gab nehme ich eigentlich immer nur wenn ich mal ein Wochenende wegfahre.
    Finde es auch besser größere Paletten zu nehmen, aber gratis nehme ich so eine 4er Box doch immer gerne ;D
    Bin zur Zeit total paranoid, meine Email zu deinem Gewinnspiel war ja angekommen oder? (ich habe die letzte Zeit das Gefühl ich lande im Spam ^^°)

  7. ja, keine sorge, lalaith! ich hab deine mail bekommen. leider bin ich durch stationswechsel und überstunden in der letzten woche so gestresst dass ich erst dieses wochenende den winner verkünden werde.

  8. Ach das ist ja halb so wild, da bin ich die geduldigste Person der Welt ^^
    Ich kriege seit Tagen einfach nur keine Antworten mehr, da wollte ich doch einmal sicher gehen ;D
    Wünsche dir weniger Stress <3


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