Feb 28, 2011

WORST products of my stash!

today i want to introduce to you the two worssssttt products i know of at the moment.

the first one is the Sigma ss224 brush (i don't know the new number, i got mine about 1 1/2 years ago), the "dupe" to MAC's 224 fluffy eye blending brush. i didn't like it from the beginning, it was just too big for my eyes and the shape is rather flat at the top, so i never found any benefits from this. still, the hairs are (were) dense and soft.
so it was standing in my eye-brushes-jar a long time unused. but lately i found a use for it: as a mini blush brush to make blended out blush swatches. and when i started using it, i noticed how crappy it is.

here it is compared to the MAC one:

see what makes it so BAD:
it sheds!!! and that badly! how can you make a eye brush that low quality that it sheds so much?
epic fail.

next product: the Gel Liner by Alverde.

i tried several versions of this. all failed. the first one: in a LE, it dried out really fast, within a month or so. second version: new in permanent range - still same problem. third version: better packaging, nice colours, POOOOR formula.
the brush that they make is very nice, though. it's a bent thin synthetic brush.

also the idea is very innovative for a natural cosmetics brand. 

the colour of #03 Violett is gorgeous, but the texture is really bad, it's thin and transparent, you can't even layer it to an opaque finish. also it dries weird, if you pack it on too much it just gets crackly and will completely come off your lids as little crumbles.

one layer
this is how it looks if i try to put a second layer over it

what are your anti-recommendations?


  1. Ich kam mit den Alverde Gellinern auch gar nicht klar! Viel zu flüssig und nicht deckend. Schade drum, denn da gibts wirklich hübsche Farben :)

  2. gut, dass ich die Alverde Gelliner nie gekauft hab XD muss mir auch mal überlegen, was meine schlechtesten Produkte sind...

  3. =_= *grummel* gerade als meine wut verraucht ist, ist sie wieder gekommen durch dein posting... ich hasse hasse alverde geleyeliner...ich hab insgesamt drei gekauft im november..ausgetrocknet sind sie alle nach 3 monaten... sogut wie ungenutzt



  4. @all: da scheinen wir uns alle ja einig zu sein :)
    gott sei's gedankt dass dm eine so kulante rückgabe-politik hat. in einem solchen falle würde ich davon gebrauch machen!

  5. Lol @ epic fail. I bought the MAC 224 and the Sigma 224 brush and I didn't like the ss224 brush too, it is a bad dupe. However, I use it as an extra concealer brush.

    P.S. just curious, what language are you all typing in? Looks interesting :)

  6. The 224 is the only MAC brush that I have (penny-pincher genes.. I cannot help it! lol) bought after due consideration, and that, along with the quality, is probably the I'm so extremely satisfied with it.

    The alverde Liner really is horrible beyond words.. gawd. I only tried the first generation shade Smaragd, which I convinced myself to return in the end. It's a shame to read they didn't improve the quality at all either..

    @ Rita, it's German. :) Looks interesting, and wait until you hear it, there are nasty people who say it souds gruff no matter what you say! :D But nah, I think it's quite nice, though nothing sounds as beautiful as French to my ears.

  7. Der SS224 hat echt nix mit dem MAC 224 zu tun, aber ich persönlich mag ihn deutlich lieber als das "Original", aber man braucht wirklich viel Fläche, um ihn gut einsetzen zu können. Ich verwende ihn vor allem für etwas glitzrige, rauchige Lidschatten wie NARS Night-Series als Schattierer und find's klasse, dass er so grob dabei ist. Mit dem MAC kann ich irgendwie nichts so recht anfangen :-/

  8. I totally 100% agree with your thoughts on the sigma brush. Honestly, the only Sigma brush I actually like and use are the synthetic 3 piece kabuki set. Everything thing else, bleeds, sheds, and is sooo scratchy. I was so disappointed because it was reviewed so much as a more affordable dupe of MAC. Well affordable it is but dupe it is not. I bought 2 sets from Sigma and I really, really, really regret it.

  9. i think sigma went down with their quality proportionally with the increase of their popularity :( and i think it's much harder to make a good natural hair brush than a nice synthetic brush.


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